Additional Payment Methods

Payment by bank transfer

You also have the option to pay by wire transfer from your bank account to ours. We generally recommend that you only opt for this payment method when no other available payment option is viable for you. When you pay by wire, it will add several days delay to the reception of your order as we have to wait until the funds are showing on our bank account before we can process and ship.

When arranging the transfer please follow these instructions:
- Choose “shared costs” for the transaction fees. You will be responsible for all related fees charged by your bank.
- Payments must be sent in the same currency and for the same amount as indicated at the checkout.
- Specify the order reference ID and client name as the concept along with the transaction.


Payment via wire transfer is available to all our clients around the world. In some exceptional cases this payment option may not be showing on the website. Should this be your case, please contact our customer service and we will send you instructions on how to arrange payment for your order by bank transfer.


If you choose to pay by bank transfer your bank details are not processed, or saved, on our servers.

When will I be charged?

Payments by bank transfer are generally charged to your bank account on the same day you request the transfer though it will usually take several days for the funds to appear on our bank account.

Cancellations & return payments

If you pay by bank transfer we will arrange a refund to the same bank account from which the original payment was made. We may need to contact you to ask for your complete bank details, because for most wire transfers, all the information needed to send a refund is not provided with your original payment. Return payments via wire transfer will be processed within 2 weeks.