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 adorini Cigar Heaven Humidifier 2nd Generation £113
- Enjoy always fresh and perfectly conditioned cigars - Microprocessor controlled. Large digital LCD control. Improved air circulation. One refill lasts several months. Super quiet operation. No special liquids required. AC operation. Fits into basically all humidors.
 adorini HumiFit Humidifier Solution Premium 1L £7
Liquid for humidor humidifiers
Distilled water enriched with silver ions
1 litre bottle
 Optional upgrade: Digital hygrometer £8
Click here to get a digital adorini hygrometer with capacitive sensor and a value of 35€ for only 9€ instead of the analogue hair hygrometer.
 Engraving service £5
Brass plate including engraving.
Engraving text (max 21 characters):

  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • An adorini special edition of a truely unique material in humidor construction. This humidor stands out and is guaranteed to attract the attention of your cigar loving friends and guests. A beautiful piece of furniture. Extraordinary!
  • Pure enjoyment to touch the structure of the slate. Each humidor with a different slate structure. The production of this masterpiece requires expert craftmanship and involves significant amounts of extra manual labour to deal wtih this delicate material.
  • Real black slate veneer.
  • Felt bottom
  • 2 vertical divider large and 2 horizontal Divider for the bottom level
  • Cigar tray with 2 additional dividers
  • Dimensions (exterior): L:24cm B:37cm H:15cm
  • Dimensions (interior): L:19.1cm B:31.6cm H:13.4cm
  • EAN 4260327150000
  • Capacity for up to 150 corona cigars. Calculate online how many of your favorite cigars will fit into the humidor

EAN code: 4260327150000
Inner length of tray: 310 mm
Inner height of tray: 22 mm
Exterior finish: Matte
Brand: Adorini
Material exterior veneer: Stone
Width: 370 mm
Material of humidor case: Stone
Interior lining: Extra strong steamed spanish cedar with ventilation ribs
Color: Black
Inner width of tray: 175 mm
Warranty: Adorini life-time warranty
Model: 6108
Lock and key to close the humidor: Yes
Included dividers: 4
Height: 150 mm
Number of trays: 1
Inner dimensions (H x W x D): 134 mm x 191 mm x 316 mm

Adorini Deluxe Features

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    Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage.
  • Deluxe feature image
    Gold plated acryl polymer based Adorini Deluxe humidifier with adjustable ventilation openings for an optimum regulation of the humidity level.
  • Deluxe feature image
    Unique ventilation ribs ("RibTech") for improved air circulation within humidor. Protected Adorini innovation.
  • Deluxe feature image
    Extra-strong humidor corpus and extra-strong Spanish cedar lining.
  • Deluxe feature image
    Hygrometer and humidifier fixed with magnet to invisible metal plate under wood veneer.
  • Deluxe feature image
    Innovative divider system for flexible individual separation. Protected Adorini innovation.
  • Deluxe feature image
    Label clips for dividers. Protected Adorini innovation.
  • Deluxe feature image
    Innovative tray design ('Airvent') to allow maximum air circulation and compatibility with new generation electronic humidifiers. Protected Adorini innovation.
  • Deluxe feature image
    Extra-strong quadrant hinges - 24K gold plated and hand polished.
  • Deluxe feature image
    Life-time warranty
  • Deluxe features video thumbnail
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     21 May 2018
    I got the humidor with all the products I ordered. The only thing that bothers me are the scratches on the lid's surface. The humidor isn't cheap and I expected it to be flawless like I'm used to from past experiences with your service. As they are on the top of the humidor, I always see them every time I look at this beautiful item. I sent you an email about this problem. Thank you for understanding this situation. With kind regards....
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     17 Jan 2020
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     05 Aug 2017
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     29 Nov 2014
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     29 Mar 2014
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