Where is the best place to buy a humidor?

Published :+ 2017-01-12 00:00:00
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To a certain extent, the purchase of a humidor is a matter of trust. For the layman, and even many experienced cigar smokers, the distinction between Spanish cedar and other tropical woods is almost imperceptible. Important points such as the thickness of the Spanish cedar wood used in the humidor often cannot be ascertained without permanently damaging the humidor. Unfortunately, it may take a few weeks to determine whether a humidor actually retains the moisture and that the humidifier is suitably adapted to the humidor.

The most helpful advice is usually the experience of other users of the humidor, recommendations from friends, or online reviews. With well-known humidor brands, which have been on the market for some time, you can be sure that actual Spanish cedar wood is used in the interior of the humidor and that no shortcuts have been taken during manufacturing to reduce costs. Caution should be exercised when buying humidors from lesser known manufacturers.

Product range is another factor in deciding where to buy a humidor. Humidors are a niche product, and most brick-and-mortar shops have only a limited selection available. When shopping online, you should pay careful attention to the return policy and ensure that you can easily send the humidor back if not satisfied. HumidorDiscount has a 100 day return period and a knowledgeable staff which you can consult with both before and after your purchase.

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