S.T. Dupont Initial Ligne Finition Bronze Dore

S.T. Dupont Initial Ligne Finition Bronze Dore

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S.T. Dupont has been the cigar world’s preeminent purveyor of luxury accessories since 1872, yet it was the emergence of a legendary lighter commissioned by the Maharaja of Patiala in 1941 that solidified Dupont’s legacy. To honor that lighter’s seventy-fifth anniversary, Dupont created their Initial Ligne.

The artistic masters of Dupont’s workshop have put their high-quality craftsmanship on full display with the S.T. Dupont Initial Ligne Lighter Golden Bronze. This modern take on the original classic features a beautiful golden bronze finish that combines with fluted lines and rounded edges for a truly elegant look.

Solidly built, sophisticated in style, and silky smooth to operate, one flip of the lid is all you need to instantly know this lighter is quintessentially Dupont. This will be confirmed when you roll the exquisite flint wheel with ease to unleash the perfect flame to light your luxurious smokes.

This Dupont creation is simple to use, compact enough to take anywhere, and has all the style required to be the star of the show no matter the occasion. An homage to the past infused with plenty of modern flair, this classic will elevate anyone’s cigar smoking experience and is a must-have for the Dupont collector.
35 mm
10 mm
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96 g
Bronze Gold
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 12 Oct 2019
Translated from original in German

After my smaller Ligne 1 had fallen victim to the ravages of time after decades of good service, I wanted a new S.T. Dupont. With buying this model, I had the idea to choose a lighter made of gold bronze, instead of an expensive brass model whose finish would be easily worn off over time. Solid gold was a bit too expensive for me :-). I'm satisfied with my decision in this regard. What I miss is the loving precision mechanics of the old model, which you could completely (and with pleasure :-)) take to pieces and reassemble... Probably due to the cost pressure and not sooo disturbing. However: The filling capacity has suffered considerably under the installation of the finished part; in the past with one filling I was able to light my daily 40 cigarettes for 14 days, with the new model it lasts a bit more than 3 days :-(. Might be also due to the double flame it's equipped with (for cigars)...