Daniel Marshall

Daniel Marshall

Daniel Marshall's award-winning humidors are found in the homes of the biggest names in sports, entertainment, and world affairs. The class, distinction, and style each creation offers have firmly placed Daniel Marshall humidors as the benchmark for all luxury cigar storage solutions.

The Rise of Daniel Marshall
The Daniel Marshall humidor story begins in 1982 when Marshall set out to achieve his goal of becoming a designer for some of the most prestigious luxury goods houses in the world. He introduced his unique designs to Cartier and Dunhill. Dunhill commissioned Marshall to create cigar humidors for the North American market, and soon his creations caught the attention of the top design houses in Europe.
Soon after that, Marshall was designing luxurious specialty wood products for Dunhill, Cartier, Pierre Cardin, Tiffany's, Bijan, Neiman Marcus and more. Marshall's designs would eventually find their way to high-profile personalities such as Tom Cruise, King Hassan II of Morocco, Ronald Reagan, Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando, and Prince Rainier of Monaco, amongst others. This opened the doors to product placement in movies, television, and exclusive contracts with top companies worldwide.

Yet it was not until 1992 that Daniel Marshall would become synonymous with cigar humidors. This was the year the famous Cigar Aficionado magazine emerged and forever changed the face of the cigar industry. Through a successful advertising campaign, showcasing examples of his humidors at events and word of mouth, Daniel Marshall became the talk of industry experts and cigar lovers alike. His humidors immediately began to appear on Best Humidor of the Year and Best Buy lists around the globe.

With the incredible demand for his humidors, Marshall decided to end his run with the luxury design houses and focus only on creating Daniel Marshall-branded humidors. He joined with the Gianni Versace factory to create a line of leather cigar accessories and, over the years, developed a broad range of cigar-related luxury gifts cherished by aficionados everywhere.

Marshall has also partnered with the best cigar makers in the business, including Manuel Quesada, Nestor Plasencia and Carlos Fuente, Jr., to produce a series of top-rated cigars. None of these DM cigars has gained as much attention as the now-legendary Daniel Marshall 24kt Gold cigar, covered in 25 paper-thin layers of 24 Kt Italian gold.

Adding the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Denzel Washington, John Travolta, David Beckham, Jay-Z, and the British Royal Family to his prestigious client list, Daniel Marshall's lasting legacy is firmly in place. So it is that Daniel Marshall humidors have risen to the unparalleled heights where they rest today as some of the most desirable humidors in the world.

Why DM Humidors?
Daniel Marshall or DM humidors offer cigar aficionados a blend of luxury, exceptional craftsmanship, style, and functionality unlike any other. From value-priced offerings to opulent one-of-a-kind humidors that can sell for thousands of dollars, each Daniel Marshall humidor is the product of Marshall's commitment to excellence.

Stunning Exterior
From travel and desktop models to large treasure chests, every Daniel Marshall humidor is crafted using only the highest quality materials. Beautifully grained or burl hardwoods are a Marshall specialty, with edges of black ebony adding an elegant refinement to the look of the humidor. Daniel Marshall's famous 1000-coat finish adds layer upon layer of lacquer to the humidors for a striking high-gloss appearance that brings out all the best of the wood grain pattern.

Each desktop DM humidor's exterior is finished off with a 24kt gold-plated Daniel Marshall-branded lock and key set that shows to all lookers that the humidor belongs to a connoisseur of distinction. The stunning look of DM humidors ensures they command attention no matter where they are placed.

Exquisite Interior
The interior of each humidor is of the finest Brazilian Spanish cedar, which offers high moisture absorption that works with a humidifier to maintain optimal humidity control. The cedar also enhances the taste and aroma of cigars, providing the ideal space for cigar aging.

Depending on the model of DM humidors, Spanish cedar trays and dividers also help keep cigars organized and ready for your enjoyment. Every DM humidor space superbly blends this functionality with an alluring style, adding a splash of opulence to the storage area. From quadrant hinges to even the smallest of screws, each accent within the interior is polished 24kt gold plate.

Effective Humidity Control
All Daniel Marshall humidors include a tried and true foam humidifier. For desktop models, the humidifier is kept neatly tucked inside of a cedar humidifier holder attached to the underside of the lid. Ventilation openings in both the humidifier and cedar holder allow moisture to flow freely throughout the humidor, so cigars get all the care they need.

Another popular feature found in DM desktop humidors is a magnetic strip numbered 1 through 12 so you can keep monthly tabs on when it's time to refill the humidifier and add humidification solution. This unique set-up makes for an easy, less-frustrating way to keep track of humidifier maintenance.
As with any humidifier, it is highly recommended to always use distilled water in the DM humidifier, along with a high-quality humidifier solution If you wish to upgrade to an acryl polymer-based humidifier or another type of device, be sure to compare dimensions with the DM humidifier to ensure it will fit the holder.

Daniel Marshall's desktop humidors also include a digital hygrometer. It's easy-to-read display lets you check current levels, as well as high and low, of both relative humidity and temperature. The hygrometer comes with strong magnets that hold it securely in place inside of a Spanish cedar frame on the underside of the lid.

Lifetime Warranty
As a testament to the high level of quality of each humidor, every Daniel Marshall humidor comes with an authenticity certificate that guarantees you are getting an authentic, world-class humidor from one of the best in the business. Marshall is so serious about the quality of the humidors that each one carries a lifetime warranty.

The Connoisseur's Choice

There is perhaps no other line of humidors in the world today that so successfully combines quality, luxury, and function as Daniel Marshall's creations. With life-long passion embedded in the very heart of each creation that bears his name, Daniel Marshall humidors are simply the ultimate choice for the serious cigar connoisseur.

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