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What characterizes a good humidor?

A good humidor should meet the following basic requirements:

  • The lid should close relatively tightly to prevent the humidor from losing moisture.
  • The body of the humidor should be well insulated effectively preventing the escape of moisture. Usually, a more solid body provides better insulation.
  • Spanish cedar wood should be used for the inner lining of the humidor. The cedar wood should have a minimum thickness of 1.5 mm. This is difficult for the buyer to ascertain at the time of purchase. Often, the only information available regarding the type and the thickness of the wood lining is what's provided by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers supply this information. Among the leading brand manufacturers who have been on the market for decades, you can generally be confident that both these requirements are fulfilled.
  • Air circulation in all areas of the humidor should be ensured. Shelves or trays should have sufficient openings to allow the air to circulate. When a humidor is equipped with drawers or shelves, adequate ventilation openings should be a point for consideration in the design and construction.
  • The humidification system should use an acryl polymer based sponge and be adapted to the size and capacity of the humidor. Cheap no-name humidors usually use moss foam sponges. Such humidification systems should be replaced.
  • Hinges should be robust. Quadrant hinges, which can be embedded into the body of the humidor, have a significantly longer service life than standard piano hinges that are screwed onto the back of the humidor. Cheap humidors often forego the use of quadrant hinges because the walls are simply not thick enough to hold them.
  • A hygrometer should be included in order to measure the humidity level. The most accurate are analogue hair hygrometers or digital hygrometers with high-quality moisture sensors. Conventional hygrometers which use metal springs, such as those included with almost all humidors in the lower price range, are notoriously inaccurate, even a short time after calibration deviations of 5% or more can occur.

If these requirements are met, the humidor you purchase should provide many decades, even generations of fine conditioning for your cigars. A high-quality humidor is an essential part of cigar culture. The anticipation when you take a perfectly conditioned cigar from a well-made, robust humidor and the lid closes with the typical "whoosh" makes the heart of every cigar aficionado beat a little faster. In view of the price of cigars and the possible consequences of inadequate storage, the additional price for a good humidor pays off in a very short time. Humidors that meet all of the above requirements are already available for very affordable prices and one no longer needs to spend a fortune to acquire one, thanks to suppliers such as adorini

  • The adorini Torino is the cheapest entry level desktop humidor with a solid humidification device and an accurate hair hygrometer.
  • The Adorini Chianti medium has been the bestseller in the humidor category .
  • The adorini Torino is the top choice for anybody new to cigar smoking. For a beginner the storage space should be sufficient to store a small selection of cigars. The humidor already comes with a quality hygrometer and humidifier otherwise found only in much higher price ranges.
  • You can choose from our bestseller list any humidor model that you believe fits the taste of the recipient and your budget. Our general tips on what to look out for when buying a humidor apply. Personalize your gift with an engraved brass plate that can be purchased together with the humidor in our online store. Electronic humidification systems are also a very popular gift for cigar smokers which always assure perfect climate conditions for the cigars.
  • Yes, all desktop humidors and humidor cabinets offered in our store can be purchased with a personalized engraving on a brass plate.
  • Humidors should never be placed anywhere where they are exposed to direct sunlight. This is even more important for humidors with glass lids. You can find different glass lid models in our humidor bestseller list.
  • Unfortunately a large number of humidors in the market do not have a Spanish cedar veneer and not every humidor that is advertised as having Spanish cedar veneer does actually have it. Even for experienced cigar aficionados it can be difficult to spot the difference. In the end it is best to stick to well-known brands such as adorini humidors and Zino Davidoff where one can rest assured that real Spanish cedar is applied to the interior of the humidor.
  • Most analogue hygrometers are based on a metal spring mechanism which is notoriously inaccurate. Analogue "hair" hygrometers which are based on a mechanism of a synthetic or natural hair offer superior accuracy and are the best choice. All humidors of the adorini deluxe series as well the Elie Bleu humidors in the highest price segment are equipped with analogue hair hygrometers. With respect to digital hygrometers, such models with capacitive sensor offer superior accuracy and a longer life time compared to basic models.
  • Three types of humidifiers are used for humidors. Most lower priced humidors are equipped with a humidifier with a simple sponge inside. In the next category humidifiers contain superabsorbent crystals which can hold the humidity for a longer time without recharging and which possess superior characteristics in terms of the amount of humidity that can be emitted and also to the humidity level at which they stabilize. The top choices are active electronic humidifiers such as the cigar heaven and the cigar spa which keep cigars at the desired humidity level and have become quite affordable. They not only add convenience but also save time.
  • Humidor cabinets range from the bestselling Adorini Chianti medium with 3 small trays and a 126 Corona format cigar capacity to large cabinets with capacity for several thousand cigars.
  • The use of Spanish cedar wood for the interior lining of the humidor has numerous benefits. Among them the high humidity absorption capacity of the wood for stable humidity conditions and the special odor of the Spanish cedar wood, which has been associated with a positive impact on the taste of the cigars and a repellant effect on tobacco beetles. For all adorini desktop humidors you can rest assured that really Spanish cedar wood is used and that the Spanish cedar wood originates from sustainable plantations in East Africa, and not from rain forests in Latin America. Many humidors do not have an interior of Spanish cedar wood and incorrect labelling as 'Spanish cedar' is not uncommon.

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