Xikar Travel Humidors

Xikar Travel Humidors

Finding the right cigar accessories to match your needs can be a frustrating and time-consuming affair. Yet the folks at Xikar make it easy with a full line of products that offer quality and durability, letting you get down to the business of enjoying your cigars worry-free. Xikar's line-up of travel humidors is an ideal landing spot for any cigar aficionado on the go.

The Xikar Story
Xikar's meteoric rise began as cigar enthusiast Kurt Van Keppel's frustration grew with the available cigar cutters' lackluster performance. The underwhelming abilities of cutters and the seeming lack of value each offered drove Van Keppel to join forces with friend and design engineer Scott Almsberger to come up with a solution.

After much trial and error, the duo struck upon a cutter that featured the very best materials and highly efficient cutting action. The cutter was dubbed the Xikar Xi-1 and forever changed the face of the cigar accessory industry. The Xikar cutter was an immediate sensation that firmly placed Van Keppel and his team at the cigar accessory industry's lead. As Xikar's reputation rose, so too did the Xikar product range. New cigar cutter designs emerged, as well as a wide array of other cigar accessories. Xikar rose to become and remains the first name in cigar gadgets.

The Xikar Name
To properly name their cutting-edge creation, Van Keppel and Almsberger turned to the past and the Taino people who flourished throughout the Caribbean at the time of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the New World. Columbus' entourage and those that followed described the Taino people smoking what we now know was tobacco placed in corn husks or palm leaves.
Taino people were said to have called their unique smokes "sikars" or what would eventually become "cigars" as we know it today. Van Keppel and Almsberger swapped out the 'S' for an 'X' to give it a contemporary look and sound, a decision that has helped make Xikar one of the most recognized brands offered today.

The Xikar Travel Humidor
While cigar cutters helped put the iconic brand on the map, other accessories have kept Xikar at the forefront of cigar accessory technology and innovation. Fueled by the unrelenting commitment to functionality and reliability, the Xikar team developed a series of travel humidors to suit a wide variety of needs for the traveling cigar lover.

Each travel humidor from Xikar offers core features that protect and preserve your cigars, no matter where your adventures take you. These options include:

  • Crush-proof ABS molded plastic construction
  • Airtight and watertight design
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • High-density urethane foam interior
  • Locking clasp
  • Molded lock ring

    The soft foam interior keeps your cigars neatly tucked away, while the hard, outer shell provides a durable defense against the rigors of travel and the elements. The locking clasp and lock ring ensure your cigars will be right where they belong.

    Xikar Travel Humidors are offered in several sizes to accommodate various needs.

    Xi-5 Travel Humidor
    Ideal for short excursions, this popular 5-count humidor features one of Xikar's mini humidifiers that will keep cigars ready for action, whether on the golf course, on the town or somewhere in between.

    Xi-10 Travel Humidor
    The sleek Xi-10 travel humidor uses Xikar's mini humidifier to keep 10 of your favorite cigars in prime condition, delivering a versatile cigar carrying solution perfect for weekend excursions.

    Xi-15 Travel Humidor
    With two foam trays and room for up to 15 cigars, the Xi-15 travel humidor gives you added flexibility while on the road. Xikar's mini humidifier provides all the humidity your cigars need while en route to your destination.

    Xi-20 Travel Humidor
    The versatile 20-count option combines a convenient carry handle, slim profile design and added interior space to deliver a great all-around option for the cigar aficionado on the go. Two 10-count foam trays provide a protective home, while Xikar's magnet-mounted crystal humidifier delivers exceptional humidity control. Features pressure release valve.

    Xi-40 Travel Humidor
    The Xi-40 travel humidor is a perfect choice for the serious cigar connoisseur on the move. This beauty features four urethane foam trays that let you securely carry up to 40 of your favorite smokes. Xikar's 50-count crystal humidifier, easy carry handle, and convenient pressure release valve make traveling with cigars a breeze.

    Xi-60 Travel Humidor
    The granddaddy of Xikar travel humidors, the Xi-60 lets you carry up to 60 cigars safely and with confidence, thanks to 6 layers of foam trays and Xikar's magnet-mounted crystal humidifier. A pressure release valve makes it easy to open no matter the situation. Perfect for the globetrotting cigar aficionado on extended excursions.

    Xikar Travel Humidor Tips

    As with all other Xikar products, the folks at Xikar design these travel humidors to be as user friendly as possible. The Xikar team also suggests several tips that will make your Xikar travel humidor even more efficient and easy to use.

    Always use a humidification solution, such as adorini's trusty humidor solution, to recharge the humidifier as needed. How often you fill it is determined by the capacity and current climate of the humidor.

    Before attempting to open the humidor with or without a pressure release valve, it is always a good idea to force out any pockets of air that have developed in the humidor during air pressure change. To do this, squeeze the humidor's lid and main body tightly together near one of the latches. Then open the latch and repeat these steps with the other latch. The lid should open easily.

    Always keep the humidor closed tightly, even when not in use. This keeps the humidor airtight and ensures humidity does not escape, helping maintain a consistently humidified environment for your cigars.

    Traveling the Xikar Way
    No matter how long or short your adventure, Xikar's stable of highly durable travel humidors offers ideal options to get you there and back with your cigars in optimal condition. Delivering quality humidification, robust security, and even room for personalization, Xikar travel humidors are no-brainers. HumidorDiscount provides the boarding pass to your Xikar-inspired journey.

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