Adorini humidifier liquid Adorini humidifier liquid Adorini humidifier liquid Adorini humidifier liquid Adorini humidifier liquid
Adorini humidifier liquid

adorini Humidor Humidifier Solution 100ml

4.6 (1589 Ratings)

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Sometimes adding water to your acrylic polymer humidifier just isn’t enough to do the job right, and that’s where the adorini Humidor Humidifier Solution comes in. This humidifier liquid offers just what you need to keep your humidifier functioning at its best, ensuring that your cigars are always perfectly maintained and ready for enjoyment.

The liquid is not just your ordinary everyday distilled water, but a specially developed solution that helps to preserve your cigars, as well as aid in prolonging the life of your humidifier. Silver ions have been added to the mix for longer-lasting humidity control as well as highly desirable antibacterial properties. The resulting fluid gives your humidification device all that it needs to maintain consistently stable humidity levels.

Adorini’s Humidor Humidifier Solution will enhance each of adorini’s acryl polymer-based humidifiers, as well as any other humidifiers that need a little extra boost. This solution will have you wondering how you got along without it. With this solution in your humidifier, you will have peace of mind in knowing that all is well within your humidor, and that is just plain good news all around.

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.6/5   (1589 Ratings)
 69% (1090 Ratings)
 24% (375 Ratings)
 5% (86 Ratings)
 1% (18 Ratings)
 1% (20 Ratings)
 01 Feb 2024

The brand alone says it all, if you value your treasures there is no way around it. Super products and good prices, many thanks for the fast processing and delivery.

 21 Apr 2023

Humidifies while keeping the mould out. Great product.

 26 Apr 2022


 19 Mar 2022


 08 Dec 2020

A little expensive.

 25 Aug 2020

Order came quickly

 27 May 2020

Effective product, the humidity rate quickly returned to normal in my cigar box.

 27 Apr 2020

If the bottom had been good I would have given it a 5 star. Now only 2 stars because it does not meet the promised possibilities. Very annoying because the model and the described options were so beautiful.

 12 Jul 2019

Excellent, this is the product I was looking for a long time.

 24 Feb 2019

Bottle good to keep and reuse because it has a precise spout.

 30 Dec 2018

Very practical bottle, product of excellent quality.

 19 Dec 2018

Excellent solution to hydrate the crystals or the sponge.

 29 Oct 2018

Very handy bottles, thank you, I'm very satisfied.

 27 Sep 2018


 08 Sep 2018

Essential for any new humidifier, to use in one go at the beginning.

 03 May 2018

Very good product, bottle is sealed, which is reassuring, unlike the bottle of 1 liter that was not!

 14 Jul 2017

Perfect shipping and packaging !!!

 03 Jun 2017

Proven quality product, great price, fast delivery - thanks.

 30 Mar 2017

Easy to handle and apply: Double 'caps' for 'reuse' to prevent evaporation during storage. It works as expected - I would appreciate an explanation/specification concerning the 'silver ions' (kind of 'salt' added). A bit 'expensive' though, considering it's destilled water with some 'silver'-salt added.

 26 Jun 2016

Good product at first sight.

 27 May 2016

Very good

 18 Apr 2016

Top product, fast delivery!!

 23 Jun 2015

Excellent product.

 21 May 2015


 12 May 2015

Simply the best!

 27 Apr 2015

Product is inexpensive and very effective

 23 Apr 2015

Quality liquid.

 20 Apr 2015

In my opinion it is a bit expensive, but worth it.

 20 Feb 2015


 15 Feb 2015

Everything is in order!

 18 Jan 2015

Practical and beautiful design

 08 Jan 2015

Very good

 22 Dec 2014


 18 Dec 2014

I would not know where to find this product in stores at such a competitive price, so I order it in quantity here when I need it!

 15 Dec 2014


 20 Nov 2014

Perfect product for moistening the humidifier fleece.

 31 Oct 2014

The least expensive site !!! Please !!!

 06 Oct 2014

Does what it says on the tin!!

 01 Oct 2014

Good product. Advised

 26 Sep 2014

Product already used with the cigar box purchased previously, perfect!

 21 Sep 2014

Very satisfied

 19 Sep 2014

The liquid needed to keep a good wetting

 14 Sep 2014

Good product!

 31 Aug 2014


 30 Aug 2014

Humidifiers good, just a little too big for the humidor. User manual would have been desirable.

 28 Aug 2014

Everything was perfect

 26 Jul 2014

I did not know that this comes in the humidor as a accessorie

 19 Jul 2014

easy to read i'm very satisfied!

 17 Jul 2014

Ok, it's the product that I found when I bought Humidification, it seems that on the market there are many alternatives, I do not know if it's worth for it or not ...

 14 Jul 2014

Very good product and very convenient

 11 Jul 2014

absolutely satisfied. good buy.

 30 Jun 2014

Bargain Price!

 23 Jun 2014

not used yet

 22 Jun 2014

High Cost

 23 May 2014

Two bolltes lost some liquid during transport.

 18 May 2014


 15 May 2014

Nothing to say, very good product.

 09 May 2014


 07 May 2014

I think The price is increased, but the chemistry is good.

 05 May 2014


 27 Apr 2014

just perfect

 23 Apr 2014

Good as always!

 13 Apr 2014

Excellent product

 11 Apr 2014


 03 Apr 2014

it were 2 thanks that it was done so quickly

 31 Mar 2014

Does what it should do ...

 30 Mar 2014

product corresponds to expectations

 16 Mar 2014

product convenient to use ... time will tell about quality ...

 04 Mar 2014

Fine fluid for my humidor.

 04 Mar 2014

Just the right amount

 27 Feb 2014


 20 Feb 2014

Does the job.

 11 Feb 2014

Excellent product!

 05 Feb 2014


 31 Jan 2014


 30 Jan 2014

Not sure how much difference between this solution and distilled water.

 14 Jan 2014

According to description

 12 Jan 2014

Not used yet because one was delivered with the humidor, identical to original one. A little pricey for distilled water.

 05 Jan 2014

One of the bottles of destilled water was leaking slightly.

 30 Dec 2013

essential for every humidor. Only down point is that only this capacity is available.

 27 Dec 2013

Not sure this is very different to shop bought distilled water which is clearly cheaper. Says it contains silver ions though. Bigger bottles would be more cost effective.

 20 Dec 2013

Indication how much fluid I need?

 20 Dec 2013

Fast delivery and well packed product.

 18 Oct 2013

Great value for money.

 12 Oct 2013

Have only used a limited amount so far, seems ok

 06 Sep 2013

a product necessary for the proper functioning of the humidifier and accessible by a price quite acceptable!

 25 Aug 2013

excellent product to maintain a constant percentage of moisture. No impact on cigars

 11 Aug 2013

Very good.

 08 Aug 2013

Good quality

 10 Jan 2013

Purchased item but has not tested yet . But surely it will be great. Thank you.

 20 Dec 2012

Excellent product.

 17 Dec 2012

The accessories are good. The little think is that I was expecting a gold humidifier and I get a silver. It might be a good idea to show i clearly on the website with the correct picture of the order item

 06 Dec 2012


 06 Dec 2012

Unfortunately, I had a sort of lines on my paint that can not be polished away.In the interior of one side (small corner) are with wood splinters. I did not feel uncomfortable, because I'll just remove it with sandpaper.Basically, however, a very good and solid build quality. I will choose this humidor again.

 30 Nov 2012

serves its purpose

 30 Nov 2012

excellent product

 29 Nov 2012

it's more than enough in the bottles

 22 Nov 2012


 11 Nov 2012

Cigars are in good shape. Taste clean and smooth, Thanks

 05 Nov 2012

just ok

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