Le Grand

Le Grand

**S.T. Dupont Le Grand - The art of lighting a cigar**

For over 75 years, the French company S.T. Dupont has been one of the pioneers in lighter development in the luxury segment. With the launch of the patented Le Grand Series, they made every Aficionado's heart beat faster. The creation of the world's first lighter that combines two types of flames in one was a long process, the result of which surpassed their own know-how.

** The design and functions of the Le Grand**

The Le Grand lighter combines the brand-typical double-tongued soft flame with an intense jet flame in one model. With it one would like to go a further successful step toward 'luxury accessories for the cigar smoker'. The soft flame first gently warms the base of your cigar, while the jet flame serves to make your cigar glow and burn perfectly. This is done with a simple gesture that makes it easy and practical to use. To ignite the soft flame, turn the roller in your direction, as is the case with the well-known Ligne 2 models of the house. By pushing up the roller you ignite the powerful Jet Flame. Let's get to further optimizations especially for the connoisseur. With the dimensions 39 x 66 x 14 mm my lighter is slightly larger than the classic Ligne 2 to create enough tank volume, because who wants to be confronted with an empty lighter during a round of enjoyment.

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