Cigar scissors

Cigar scissors

There is a diverse range of cigar cutters available these days, yet none offer quite such a unique combination of elegance, nostalgia, and precision as cigar scissors. These timeless cigar cutters can bring distinction to any cigar cutting ritual.

How do cigar scissors work?

Cigar scissors work much in the same way as regular scissors. Opening and closing the handles create the cutting motion. Whereas regular scissors have straight blades, cigar scissors have rounded or curved blades. The curvature of the blades and pivoting motion help make a smooth cut that runs perpendicular to the cigar's head, much in the same way as double guillotines. The result is a wide-open draw for you to better enjoy all of the treasures your cigar has to offer.

Using cigar scissors takes practice, so a little patience will go a long way to help in the process. Taking time to practice how much pressure to apply when cutting, how fast (or slow) to cut, and just how much to cut off of the cigar will help make the act of cutting cigars that much more rewarding.

With that mastered, it's as easy as one, two, three! Just open the cigar scissors, line-up the blades just above the seam of the cigar's cap and close the scissors with a quick and sure snip!

Cigar Scissors Benefits

Cigar scissors bring a lot to the cigar smoking experience and can elevate your cigar enjoyment, whether it be the unique cutting style, a sense of accomplishment, or showing off your cutting skills. Perhaps because of this, cigar scissors have long been a go-to choice for social gatherings from the boardroom to the cigar lounge. Cigar scissors can bring a variety of benefits to your habano moments, including:

  • A precise, straight cut for an optimal draw
  • Flexibility in cutting a variety of sizes and shapes
  • An added touch of elegance
  • Instant conversation starter
  • Timeless appeal

    Cigar scissors are perfect too for keeping a cigar cutter conveniently and securely inside your humidor. Most scissors can be attached to a magnet mounted onto the interior of the humidor and their slim profile ensures that they still won’t take up much space.

    Cigar scissors do have their drawbacks, as using cigar scissors can be challenging at first. Each pair of scissors has its own quirks and personality to figure out, and that can be part of their charm. Once you get the hang of it, however, cigar scissors can prove one of the most rewarding ways to cut and savor your cigars.

    Choosing Cigar Scissors

    As with any regular scissors, there are different styles and sizes of cigar scissors depending on the job you need them to perform. A few of the most popular types of scissor cutters include:

    Traditional Scissors

    Popular with discerning cigar connoisseurs worldwide, traditional scissors are usually between 5½" and 6½" inches long, providing a balanced feel and elegant old-world grace. While most cigar scissors are not suitable for travel, these cutters are comfortable to hold and provide a classic look that is perfect for home, office, or lounge. The best-selling adorini Cigar Scissors Stainless are quintessential classics.

    Pocket Scissors

    If you plan to carry cigar scissors while traveling, then a pair of smaller pocket scissors would be best. These portable scissors often feature a similar design to traditional scissors with shorter handles or even a more compact folding design. Not only do pocket scissors take up less space, but many cigar enthusiasts might find the shorter handles and slightly lighter weight provide a bit more control when cutting cigars.

    Triple Blade Scissors

    Triple blade cigar scissors provide a sophisticated, modern take on traditional cigar scissors. Three blades work in unison to create a round, camera-like aperture whose cutting motion provides a smooth and efficient cut without pinching the cigar. These crowd-pleasers bring a little extra pizazz to cigar cutting and are sure to delight fans of double guillotine cutters. The adorini Deluxe Cigar Scissors are great examples that are easy-to-use, stylish, and dependable.

    Cigar scissors are precision cutting tools, so you want to be sure the cutters have super sharp and durable blades. Dull cigar scissors can pinch the cigar, damage the wrapper leaf, and bring your cigar experience to a quick and frustrating end. So, always look for high-quality stainless steel or ceramic-coated blades for the best results.

    Cut cigars with elegance and style.

    Whether you are a cigar-smoking purist, are looking to create an elegant lounge atmosphere or just want to try a new way of cutting cigars, cigar scissors can be a gratifying option. Take up the challenge and put your cigar cutting skills to the test with a new pair of cigar scissors.

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