IM Corona

IM Corona

Since 1933, IM Corona has offered smoking enthusiasts high-quality lighters renowned for their classic style and superb reliability. IM Corona's range of lighters offers cigar aficionados and pipe connoisseurs alike well-crafted options that are at once classic, stylish, and built to last.

The IM Corona Story

As the IM Corona team tells it, during the first part of the 20th Century, several lighter factories in Japan created lighters under the Corona name. One of these factories, Ishmitsu Kinzoku Kogyo, began manufacturing lighters in 1933. The factory soon became well-known for creating lighters of exceptional quality. The factory's reputation was such that in 1954 the factory became the first lighter manufacturer to be certified by the Japan Industry Standard or JIS.

During the 1950s, the factory began to specialize in butane-fueled lighters, a new technological advance of the 1950s. During this time, the factory further distinguished itself from others by adopting a new name. The name combined the "I" from Ishmitsu and the "M" from manufacturing with Corona to create IM Corona, the official moniker of the beloved brand.

By the time the company's legendary Old Boy lighter was released in the early part of the 1980s, IM Corona had gained worldwide prominence as one of the industry's most trusted lighter manufacturers. The company partnered with European brands to bring about a broader global exposure. This only added to IM Corona's ever-growing renown amongst cigar and pipe smokers.

Throughout the years, the IM Corona team has maintained a commitment to quality that has garnered IM Corona the prestige of being trademarked in 33 countries worldwide. You will find this passion for excellence crafted into every IM Corona lighter of today.

IM Corona Lighters

Many lighter manufacturers choose to release new designs and styles every year. Yet, IM Corona has maintained a less-is-more philosophy that allows the focus to remain on quality, rather than the constant need to reinvent the wheel. Further refining tried and true designs, the IM Corona team offers up creations that combine durability with timeless style and sophistication.

Each IM Corona lighter is a classic that smokers everywhere have come to trust, yet two designs have reached legendary status. These favorites represent all the best in IM Corona's pursuit of quality.

The Old Boy
Since its arrival in the early 1980s, the IM Corona Old Boy has been a premier choice for pipe smokers around the world. Its traditional 1930s-era design and elegant soft flame give the Old Boy an alluringly nostalgic look. Yet heavy-duty construction, angled flame, and contemporary finishes make the Old Boy an ideal lighter for the modern pipe and tobacco enthusiast.

Each of these lighters, such as the best-selling Old Boy Chrome and Black, features an extra-large fuel reservoir and a pullout tamper. Partially slide the tamper out and give it a turn to lock it into place for use or pull it all the way out and use the other end as a bowl scraper or screwdriver to turn the flame adjuster. Just a few of the touches that make IM Corona's Old Boy a worldwide favorite. The Old Boy isn't just for pipe smokers, though, as cigar connoisseurs will find the look, feel and angled flame perfectly suited for lighting cigars.

The Double Corona
The IM Corona Double Corona lighter is crafted for the discerning cigar aficionado and delivers impressive style and functionality that has made it another IM Corona favorite. Its sturdy brass construction is available dressed in several different finishes, enhancing the lighter's wide-body design. The Double Corona Matte Black with Chrome Plated Brass is a crowd-pleasing example.

A flip of the lid and spin of the traditional flint wheel brings an extra-wide soft flame. This double-sized flame covers more surface area of a cigar than a standard flame, letting you spark up your favorite smokes with efficiency and ease. The top-loading flint housing makes it easy to keep up with maintenance, while the large fuel reservoir keeps you ready for action throughout the day.

Why Choose IM Corona?

IM Corona has a long track record of delivering reliable lighters catered to everyday pipe smokers and cigar connoisseurs alike. While the brand may not offer the flashy lighters so commonly found on the market today, IM Corona offers timeless style and functionality you can count on every day. If you want a solidly built lighter that delivers durability mixed with a timeless look and feel, then IM Corona is for you.

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