Cigar lovers wanting a cigar lighter with a blend of striking modern design and great functionality will find many options available from Caseti. Caseti lighters deliver impressive bang for your buck, blending a luxurious sophistication seamlessly with a reliable source of flame.

The Caseti Mission

The team behind Caseti lighters is on a quest to deliver lighters which cigar aficionados can trust to perform whenever called upon to light their favorite smokes. The Caseti team (and the name itself) suggests these lighters of distinction emerge out of an adherence to several key principles each lighter must embody:

  • Classic
  • Aesthetic
  • Sensational
  • Elegant
  • Thorough
  • Integral

    The purpose behind these words is to create lighters that deliver quality and reliability while still offering the user a splash of individuality. Whether Caseti's team has achieved this goal with each lighter is best left for you to decide. But you are sure to find that the superb feel of the lighter in hand and the ease of ignition is strong evidence in support of Caseti's mission success.

    Selecting a Caseti Lighter

    With a broad range of options, there is a Caseti lighter that fits just about any occasion and or style. Caseti lighters offer a luxury look and user-friendly design that help make Caseti a perennial best seller. There are a few points to consider when shopping for a Caseti lighter:

    Ignition Type
    Caseti offers butane lighters in traditional flint lighters and the more popular piezoelectric lighters, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

    Caseti's flint lighters produce elegant soft flames with just a flick of a lid and roll of a flint wheel. The drawback of flint lighters is the additional upkeep of occasionally changing flints. This is more than compensated by their durability, as well as their timeless look and feel. The Caseti President lighter is a fine example that beautifully straddles the line between nostalgic and contemporary.

    Caseti's piezoelectric offerings include both jet flame and soft flame, such as the Caseti Cannes Chrome. Piezoelectric ignition removes the need for replacing flints, utilizing a quartz crystal instead as a striking mechanism. However, this system's precision action can be more susceptible to interference from debris and jarring drops. Yet, with proper handling and very little maintenance other than filling with butane, these lighters will light up your cigars or cigarettes in a quick and easy motion.

    Flame Type
    This has much to do with personal preference, yet it is also determined by where and how you will be using the lighter. Traditional soft flame flint lighters, such as the Caseti Rome Black/Gold, are ideal for those indoor moments requiring a touch of elegant class. Traditional soft flame lighters are best used where the wind has little or no effect.

    Jet flame lighters, such as the Caseti Jet Flame Torch Lighter Chrome/Black, are great for the outdoors and provide a more focused wind-resistant flame that can make lighting cigars a more efficient task.

    Lighter Size
    Caseti designers set out to create lighters that are comfortable to carry in hand as well as in a pocket, so many of the lighters in the Caseti range offer a slim profile. The Caseti Piezo Slim Lighter Chrome/Black is a popular example. For those that prefer lighters that are more substantial in size, Caseti also has you covered. The Caseti Soleil Lighter Chrome/Blue is a great option that delivers a robust look and feel.

    Caseti lighters are available in luxurious finishes that fully realize Caseti's mission to deliver elegant and aesthetically pleasing lighter designs. From decorative chrome or gold plate to exquisite lacquer, Caseti lighters fit the mood no matter how casual or formal. The Caseti Homme Lighter Black is a crowd-pleaser that combines the sleek look of chrome plating with eye-catching black lacquer.

    Additional Lighter Features
    Caseti lighters offer a wide variety of features that add value to your lighter experience. Each lighter provides a unique set of features, so you will want to consider which best fits your needs. Common Caseti lighter features include:
  • One-touch ignition
  • Multiple flames
  • Integrated cigar cutter
  • Fuel level window
  • Extra-large flame adjustment wheel

    These and other features add to each Caseti lighter's already impressive value. Maintain that worth and optimal performance by using only premium butane fuel and flints. This will have your Caseti lighter delivering quality flame action for years to come.

    Caseti Delivers

    Caseti lighters are for the discerning smoking enthusiast wanting quality, value, and cosmopolitan sensibility. Whether classic soft flame or modern jet flame, flint or piezo, thin profile or thick, there is a Caseti lighter design to fit the bill.

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