Hygrometers & thermometers

Hygrometers & thermometers

A high-quality humidifier is the best way to ensure your cigars are kept in the ideal climate, yet unfortunately, not all humidifiers are as consistent as expected. So, adding a hygrometer and thermometer to your humidor lets you keep a closer eye on humidity levels and temperature and ensure your cigars are always in perfect smoking condition.

What is a Hygrometer?

A hygrometer simply measures relative humidity. From the smallest desktop humidor to large cabinet humidors, hygrometers show you the humidity levels of your cigar storage space and give you added peace of mind that your cigars are always safe and sound in the ideal environment.

Hygrometer Types

A hygrometer can prove a powerful ally when paired with one of the many reliable humidifier offerings on the market. It is just about finding the right fit for your needs. As with humidifiers, there are many different styles from which to choose. Each hygrometer, however, falls into one of two types: Analog or Digital.

Analog Hygrometers

These traditional hygrometers are the most commonly used in cigar humidors due to their reliability and classic look. Most analog hygrometers feature a numbered dial and arrow pointing to the current humidity level. However, not all analog hygrometers are created equal, as some are better suited to cigar storage than others.

There are three distinct types of analog devices:

  • Metal Spring Hygrometers
  • Natural Hair Hygrometers
  • Synthetic Hair Hygrometers

    Metal spring hygrometers are constructed around a metal spring that coils or uncoils depending upon the humidity level. While they work in a pinch, these hygrometers are generally the least expensive and least reliable cigar storage options.

    Natural hair hygrometers deliver a more accurate humidity reading than their metal spring counterparts, using a natural strand of hair instead of a spring. The hair expands and contracts with humidity, moving the needle on the dial's face to show you the current relative humidity. While more accurate than metal spring hygrometers, these devices do require occasional recalibration.

    Synthetic hair hygrometers are almost identical in function as natural hair hygrometers, except for the use of synthetic hair material that requires little or no recalibration. These devices offer the highest accuracy and lowest maintenance of all analog hygrometers. German-crafted synthetic hair hygrometers, such as the adorini precision Hair Humidor Hygrometer, are the preferred analog offering for cigar humidors.

    Digital Hygrometers

    With easy-to-read displays and often with built-in thermometers and multiple climate control settings, digital hygrometers have become ever more popular options for cigar humidors. Electronic sensors work in place of hairs or springs to measure relative humidity levels.

    Digital devices optimized for cigar humidors and humidity ranges beyond 65%, such as adorini's sleek Digital Hygrometer Compact, offer the most reliable accuracy. However, even the most state-of-the-art digital hygrometer can be off by 2 or 3 percentage points. Whatever marks digital hygrometers might lose for their accuracy or higher price, they more than make up for their ease of use and versatility.

    If you want the convenience of a digital display with little or no required maintenance, then digital hygrometers are the way to go. If you prefer the best in precision accuracy, then synthetic hair analog hygrometers are the best choice.


    The main focus of cigar storage should always be on humidity levels, to be sure, but temperature can play a part in humidity levels and cigar preservation. So, it can be useful to keep tabs on your cigar humidor's temperature or storage space with a thermometer.

    While nothing says you can't keep cigars cooler or warmer than room temperature, drastic temperature swings can be harmful to your cigars. Heat can especially cause problems, as warmer temperatures combined with high humidity create ideal conditions for hatching the sworn enemy of cigar enthusiasts: the tobacco beetle.

    Keeping cigars consistently at or near room temperature is preferable, so using a thermometer helps you keep a watchful eye on climate changes, limiting the possibility of tobacco beetle infestation and other factors that might otherwise damage your cigar collection.

    Are thermometers necessary for preserving cigars?

    No, but thermometers certainly help the cause and add some extra peace of mind to your cigar storage experience. Luckily, many of the digital hygrometers available today, such as the best-selling adorini Digital Hygrometer and Thermometer, also feature integrated thermometers. So, instead of an additional cost, it's a bonus. That's a win-win for everyone.

    Humidity and Temperature Your Way

    No matter the type you choose, hygrometers and thermometers are invaluable tools that help you best preserve your cigars in the ideal environment. Keep your cigars primed and ready for action and feel confident that all is as it should be with the perfect hygrometer and thermometer for your cigar humidor.

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