Porsche Design

Porsche Design

Porsche Design Studios brings a contemporary style and uncompromising functionality to the world of pipes and cigars that only products bearing the Porsche name could deliver. Porsche Design's cutting-edge lighters are perfect examples of why Porsche Design Studios is a favorite source for modern aficionados around the world.

The Porsche Family Legacy

Porsche Design Studio is rooted in the Porsche family's long-time expertise in the fields of cutting-edge design and engineering. From Ferdinand Porsche's legendary Volkswagen Beetle to his grandson Ferdinand Alexander Porsche's designs for the Porsche 904 and iconic Porsche 911, the Porsche legacy is an integral part of automotive history.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche did not share the unrelenting love of automotive engineering, as did his famous grandfather and father Ferry Porsche. Yet, he was drawn more to the aesthetics of design. During the early 1970s, he turned his attention away from his family's automotive division and focused on creating luxurious lifestyle products for sophisticated automotive enthusiasts. This was the birth of Porsche Design.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche launched Porsche Design in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1972 and made a resounding splash with Swiss-made wrist watches crafted for Porsche employees, and eventually discerning Porsche drivers worldwide. The success of these timepieces led to a broad spectrum of items, including exquisite pipes, lighters, and cigar accessories. Each newly unveiled product bolsters Porsche Design's reputation as a pioneer in the design and crafting of high-quality products for the modern age.

What is Porsche Design Studio?

The idea behind Porsche Design Studio is to offer designers and craftspeople a place to let their imaginations take hold and create unique, outside-the-box designs free of external influences. To better capture this spirit, Porsche Design Studio was moved from Stuttgart to Zell am See, Austria, near the Porsche family's estate.

Whether designing all-new gadgets or enhancing existing products, the artisans at Porsche Design are always looking to strip ideas down to their most basic form and build up from there. As Porsche Design officially proclaims, Porsche Design follows a clear design philosophy: optimize function. Reduce the form right down to the essentials. Overcome the familiar to continually discover new and exceptional solutions. This belief is at the heart of every Porsche Design offering and especially Porsche Design Lighters.

Choosing a Porsche Design Lighter

Each Porsche Design lighter delivers optimal functionality with a reliable source of flame, ideal for all occasions. Porsche Design lighters are also noted for their heavy, durable construction, using more metal components than many other lighter manufacturers today.

Selecting a Porsche Design lighter simply comes down to the style that best suits you and, of course, just how much flair you want to bring to your smoking experience. Here are a few of Porsche Design's finest examples for your consideration:

Porsche Design P3631

Ideal for cigar lovers, the P3631 is a solidly built lighter featuring a double jet flame ignition perfect for lighting large ring gauge cigars. It also features a large fuel tank with a fuel level window and an integrated cigar punch cutter, so you are always prepared to enjoy your favorite cigar.

Porsche Design P3632

This sleek crowd-pleaser is the optimal choice for those wanting a thinner lighter that blends classic style with a modern flair. The P3632 features a flat, nearly transparent torch flame that brings all the firepower you need to enjoy a smoke almost anywhere.

Porsche Design P3633

The P3633 is a best-seller featuring a unique twin body design, which houses a circular opening for its windproof flame ideal for almost any weather condition. You can easily adjust the flame output to find just the right level for lighting your cigars, no matter how small or large.

Porsche Design P3639

This well-built classic features a minimalist yet modern design that is ideal for just about any setting. The P3639 offers an easy-to-use ignition and powerful single jet flame that make it a versatile option for one and all, whether at home, the lounge, or on the move.

Porsche Design P3641

If you want a lighter that is all at once thinner in profile, easy to operate and stylish, then the P3641 is the way to go. A press of the large ignition button ignites a flat jet flame that lights cigars with ease while adding a splash of sophistication to the moment.

Porsche Design P3642

The Porsche Design P3642 delivers a sleek modern look with just a splash of industrial design that blends perfectly with the lighter's functionality. Just flip the protective lid, slide down the ignition trigger, and you'll have a powerful jet flame ready to light up your smokes.

Porsche Design lighters add a touch of sophistication to any occasion and make for a great gift for the modern aficionado, especially when paired with a stylish cigar humidor, such as adorini's stunning Aluminum Medium Deluxe humidor.

The Future is Now with Porsche Design

Always unique, always cutting-edge, Porsche Design Studio provides cigar enthusiasts with the very best in lifestyle design and engineering. Find your Porsche Design lighter on Humidor Discount and join the Porsche legacy today!

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