Dividers & trays

Dividers & trays

Make your cigar humidor a more accessible and efficient storage place for all of your prized cigars. There is no better way to better organize your cigars than with humidor dividers and trays.

Divider and Tray Benefits

Using dividers and trays makes it easy to locate your cigars quickly. They also help keep track of particular cigars you might have put away for extended aging. Dividers and trays can also help improve air circulation within the humidor, further aiding the humidifier in providing cigars with the optimal climate.

Selecting and Installing Cigar Dividers

Dividers make it easier than ever to organize your smokes. You can use them to separate cigars by type, brand, size, shape, purchase date or box stamp details. Dividers can be humidor-specific, so you might want to measure your current humidor's interior to ensure the dividers you’re about to purchase will fit in the space available.

Humidors that feature ribbed interiors, such as adorini's innovative RibTech, found in most of their best-selling humidors, provide a much easier and efficient way to divide cigars. Both vertical and horizontal RibTech dividers snap quickly into the ribbed slots on RibTech-optimized humidor walls or cigar trays. This lets you adjust your adorini humidor's interior space in a variety of ways anytime you need to rearrange and reorganize.

Installing adorini dividers is a breeze. Just select the size and type best suited for your humidor, decide where you want to install it, snap it into place and enjoy a more efficiently organized cigar humidor. That's it!

Selecting and Installing a Cigar Tray

Trays for Humidors

Cigar trays add an additional level, or shelf, to your humidor, providing greater versatility in how you can organize your cigars. The most effective trays, such as adorini's RibTech trays with AirVent technology, feature special ventilation slots that improve humidity circulation throughout the humidor, allowing cigars to get all the humidity they need to stay in perfect smoking condition.

The unique design of adorini's RibTech cigar trays also means you can use adorini's dividers with the trays for optimal cigar storage and organization. If your humidor did not include a tray, Humidor Discount has you covered. You will want to measure your humidor or locate the model name and size of your adorini humidor to ensure a precision fit. Once you have your tray, place it in the humidor, add dividers if desired and load it up with cigars.

Service Trays

If you are hosting a cigar tasting event or simply want a better way to display your most cherished cigars, a cigar service tray is a great option. The [Y13331] adorini Service Tray [/13331] is a classic that features individual slots for up to five Double Corona-size cigars and up to five Robusto-size smokes. Use the tray for parties, for intimate gatherings or as an added feature to cigar trolleys, such as adorini's CABINet Trolley.

Many cabinet humidors come already equipped with display trays which can often be lifted out of the cabinet and used as a service tray when desired.

Divider and Tray Accessories

While dividers and trays can greatly improve your humidor's storage space, you can take efficiency to a new level by using specially designed divider and tray accessories.

Divider Label Clips

Simple in design and ultra practical in their application, divider label clips let you clearly label dividers making it easy to locate just the right stogie when you are ready for a cigar-smoking escape. Just pop the clip onto the edge of the divider and add your very own custom label. That's all it takes. Labeling is easy too. Just write down the brand, size, purchase date or whatever bit of information you like to use to classify or sort your smokes. The Label Clips Metal from adorini are a big favorite with aficionados.

Humidor Light

Need a little extra light on those cigars? Then it is time to consider installing a humidor light. Bright enough to keep you out of the dark while accessing your humidor, yet small enough that they won't take up much precious cigar storage space. The RibTech-compatible adorini LED Humidor Light is a great option that slides right into a medium or large adorini humidor's RibTech slot. The light also features a motion-sensor and no-fuss wireless system. You just remove the light for occasional USB charging and pop it back in!

Along with dividers, trays and adorini's cedar veneers for lining your humidor or DIY humidor project, these accessories help make your humidor a lean, mean cigar storing machine.

Divide and Conquer Your Humidor

Dividers and trays help improve cigar storage efficiency, letting you spend less time digging through your humidor searching for the perfect cigar for the mood and more time enjoying the cigar smoking experience. Bring your humidor under control today with dividers and trays.

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