Cedar humidor tray size M for medium size Deluxe series Cedar humidor tray size M for medium size Deluxe series Cedar humidor tray size M for medium size Deluxe series Cedar humidor tray size M for medium size Deluxe series Cedar humidor tray size M for medium size Deluxe series adorini Cedar Humidor Tray Size M photo 2 adorini Cedar Humidor Tray Size M photo 3
Cedar humidor tray size M for medium size Deluxe series

adorini Cedar Humidor Tray Size M

4.3 (212 Ratings)

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Cigar lovers around the world turn to adorini for the best in humidor design, as well as some of the most innovative features available today. One of the all-time favorite deluxe features of the larger adorini table top humidors, the Cedar Humidor Tray can be acquired as an upgrade for their medium-sized humidors -- adding a whole new level of cigar storage.

The adorini Cedar Humidor Tray Size M is fashioned out of Spanish cedar that has been steamed and kiln-dried for stability and extra toughness. Adorini’s popular AirVent technology is featured here, delivering enhanced airflow for free-flowing, evenly distributed humidity throughout your humidor.

The tray fits snugly into your adorini medium deluxe humidor, resting comfortably on cedar dividers that came included with the humidor. Its attractive design also makes for an alluring presentation of your cigars when sharing with other cigar enthusiasts.

Upgrade your humidor today with the adorini Cedar Humidor Tray Size M and increase the functionality of your humidor. Take that to an even higher level by combining this tray with adorini’s divider system and divider label clips and capture the full spectrum of what adorini’s innovations can do for you.

Suitable for the following adorini humidors: Firenze Deluxe, Triest Deluxe, Modena Deluxe, Venezia Deluxe, Sorrente Deluxe, Milan Deluxe, Carrara Medium Deluxe.

114 g
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230 mm
187 mm
43 mm

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.3/5   (212 Ratings)
 62% (132 Ratings)
 20% (42 Ratings)
 10% (21 Ratings)
 3% (6 Ratings)
 5% (11 Ratings)
 10 Feb 2022

++ again perfect goods, fast delivery, anytime again, thank you ++ Mfg René R. Denmark

 02 Jun 2021

Very well.

 14 May 2021

Meets my expectations.

 27 Oct 2020

Simply amazing! Shipped from Germany all the way to Georgia in the USA within the expedited 3day shipping. Unbelievable quality product. Smells great, looks even better than the picture, and can't wait to season this humidor to age my premium cigars!

 20 May 2020

Very satisfied with the purchase, the tray fits perfectly with my Humidor. The parcel arrived in perfect condition. So I evaluate with all the stars the service rendered by Humidor Discount. Greetings and thanks Marco.

 30 Apr 2020


 04 Jul 2019

It fits perfectly in the Sorrento Deluxe humidor. Ideal for storing cigars from different origins or preparing a future tasting .

 22 Feb 2019

Everything was fine, good quality, fast delivery - I'm completely satisfied!

 07 Jun 2018

Ordered this with my adorini Firenze Deluxe Humidor. Haven't tested it yet, but the product is good quality and is sure to be very useful for me.

 04 May 2018

Very good quality but a bit small. I will definitely buy another bigger humidor.

 06 Jul 2017

The tray fits perfectly into my adorini Triest. Excellent finishes and very practical to increase the capacity of the humidor.

 10 Jun 2017

Adapted to the size of my humidor (Carrara medium). Comes to lay on the dividers of the bottom floor.

 10 May 2016

Use this tray for optimum storage and to better separate the cigars. Really a must have accessory for adorini humidors.

 26 Jan 2016

Okay, perfect for my adorini deluxe humidor Venezia.

 26 Apr 2015

Perfect addition for my Adorini Cedro Deluxe Humidor.

 13 Apr 2015

The tray is without any defect. Yes, it fits well in my humidor.

 09 Jan 2015

A concern with the dimensions of the article.

 03 Jan 2015

Nice and handy

 03 Apr 2014

great, best price on the web.

 07 Feb 2014

Perfectly delivered without damage nice product delivered hydrometer worked perfectly and did not need to be recalibrated

 31 Jan 2014

A great product. Fast shipping, fair price.

 23 Dec 2013

Very helpful accessory.

 15 Dec 2012

classy in the humidor

 10 Dec 2012

Perfect and accurate, it fits easily

 09 Dec 2012

a bit expensive still, but perfectly adjusted.

 04 Dec 2012

Not enough explanation Product

 05 Nov 2012

Product in line with what was expected.

 22 Oct 2012

Reasonably priced- a must have extra for the humidor

 07 Jun 2012

The finish is improved

 27 May 2012

All in all, pleased with the shelf, but unfortunately, the divider does not fit horizontally in the shelf.

 12 Mar 2012

Very useful tray to split cigars, and make order, even if a little bit small. I would have liked it to be available in a larger version.

 11 Mar 2012

Functional object, recommended.

 23 Feb 2012

Very convenient and good quality!

 15 Feb 2012

Not so useful item because it actually contains a few little cigars and takes too much space.

 10 Nov 2011

I think it's a good idea because it allows us to separate large and little cigars.

 09 Nov 2011

everything perfectly happy to return!

 07 Jun 2011

Great product, smells nicely wood

 26 Apr 2011

I bought it in order to preserve the different cigars ensuring air circulation.

 24 Apr 2011

Product conforms to the description

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