adorini HumiSave Bag XL

adorini HumiSave Bag XL

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If you have ever traveled with cigars, you know the frustration that can come from wanting to sit back and relax with a good smoke only to find that the cigar you expected to enjoy didn’t get the care and humidity it needed. Lugging around a bulky travel humidor can be just as frustrating, not to mention impractical. Well, adorini has a fantastic solution, so that you never have to deal with that disappointment again: the adorini HumiSave Bag XL.

This highly-effective offering keeps cigars at an ideal 70% relative humidity by way of a special membrane that allows humidified fleece nestled between the bag’s double-wall to deliver optimal humidity control. Humidity flows freely back and forth through the membrane as needed, providing the consistent round the clock preservation your cigars deserve.

Once you open the humidified bag, it will provide ideal humidity for 6 to 12 weeks depending upon the level of use. This large capacity bag will even hold full boxes. Just put a box or two in the bag, and you are good to go for a couple of months. It’s that easy! There is no maintenance to worry about, no risk of a humidifier leaking water all over the cigars. No fuss, no mess.

Whether you are heading out on an adventure, you have run out of space in your humidor or you are returning home with an unexpected cache of cigar treasures, the adorini HumiSave Bag XL is a simple and cost-effective accessory you won’t want to be without. A good tip for aficionados is to be sure to keep several on hand, so you will always be prepared for the times when a HumiSave Bag could save the day.

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 4.9/5   (23 Ratings)
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 22 Nov 2023


 22 May 2022

It is huge in size, like a bag from a store. It fits 10 Robustos/Coronas perfectly. I use them to moisturize cigars that are dry.

 15 Apr 2019


 10 Jun 2017

Sturdy and effective to keep cigars on the go.

 04 Jun 2017

Maintains moisture for 3-4 months (70%).

 13 Apr 2023
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