Xikar burst on the scene with game-changing cigar cutters favored by cigar lovers around the world. So, it was only natural that Xikar would unveil a line of cigar lighters to pair with the legendary cutters. As with Xikar cutters, each Xikar lighter embodies the Xikar team's passion for blending cutting-edge innovation with everyday functionality and value.

The Xikar Story

Cigar aficionado Kurt Van Keppel was increasingly frustrated by the lack of reliable cigar cutters on the market. Van Keppel took the adage "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself" to heart when he teamed up with his friend, design engineer Scott Almsberger, to create the ultimate cigar cutter.

Months of research and development spawned a cutter that perfectly mixed modern design and materials with user-friendly versatility. Before the cutter could be shared with the world and launch the company to the highest levels of industry prestige, Van Keppel and Almsberger had to settle on a name for their new venture.

To properly name their cutting-edge creation, Van Keppel and Almsberger turned to the past and the Taino people who flourished throughout the Caribbean at the time of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the New World. Columbus' entourage and those that followed described the Taino people smoking what we now know was tobacco placed in corn husks or palm leaves.
Taino people were said to have called their unique smokes "sikars" or what would eventually become "cigars" as we know them now. Van Keppel and Almsberger swapped out the 'S' for an 'X' to give it a contemporary look and sound, a decision that has helped make Xikar one of the world's most recognized cigar accessory brands today.

With the Xikar name in place, the cutter, now dubbed the Xikar Xi-1, was unleashed upon the world. The cutter proved to be a blockbuster that forever changed the cigar accessory industry. Building on the Xi-1 cutter's success, Van Keppel and Almsberger continued to grow the Xikar cigar cutter product line, as well as other innovative cigar smoking accessories, always with an eye on durability, functionality, and value. This holds especially true of Xikar's wide range of lighters.

Xikar Lighter Options

Whether you choose a lighter based on how it looks, functions, the value it delivers or all of the above, you are sure to find a great fit within the Xikar lighter range. Here are a few of the current favorites:

Xikar ELX

Xikar's bestselling Element lighter has been redesigned as the Xikar ELX to deliver even more efficient lighting capabilities. Double Jet flame ignition and a built-in cigar punch cutter deliver all the versatility you need to enjoy cigars anytime or anywhere.

Xikar Allume

This classic Xikar lighter has been a fan favorite since it first arrived on the scene. The Xikar Allume feels good in the hand, delivers a wind-resistant jet flame, and is built to last. With its sturdy construction, comfortable portability, and easy to use side squeeze ignition, the Allume is ready for just about any challenge.

Xikar Executive

Created for the cigar lover who values a seamless blend of functionality, dependability and style, the Xikar Executive is another legendary Xikar classic. Redesigned for improved lighting power, the lighter features a side squeeze ignition, single jet flame and sophisticated look which make it an obvious choice for the modern cigar aficionado on the go.

Xikar Tech

For a lighter that combines large fuel capacity, durability and value, look no further than the Xikar Tech. The large, see-through fuel tank keeps you ready for action even on those longer excursions. Ergonomic and sturdily built, the lighter is a workhorse you can count on every day. Available with single or multiple jet flames.

Xikar Ellipse

Redesigned for enhanced performance, the Xikar Ellipse continues to evolve as one of the brand's all-time favorites. Its sophisticated yet comfortable to hold design complements the powerful triple jet flame ignition that flares into action with just a press of the thumb.

Xikar Forte

The hot rod inspired Xikar Forte creation makes cutting and lighting cigars cool, fun and efficient all at once. Crowned as the Cigar Accessory of the Year by Cigar Journal, the Forte's outer casing houses a powerful single torch wind-resistant jet flame and 7mm cigar punch cutter that will have you lighting cigars with efficiency and in uncompromising style.

Xikar Stratosphere

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating when traveling at higher altitudes than a lighter that won't work when you need it most. The Xikar team has found the remedy for this problem with the Xikar Stratosphere lighter. The high-altitude windproof flame and light-weight yet durable construction make this a great option for modern adventurers.

Xikar HP4

Inspired by today's sophisticated supercars, the Xikar HP4 strikes a balance between rugged functionality and state-of-the-art design. If you want a lighter that makes a statement yet is easy to hold and operate, this crowd-pleaser is a winning choice.

Xikar Turrim

The Xikar Turrim features a powerful jet flame ignition, a ratcheting adjustment wheel, an oversized fuel tank and a large fuel window. The lighter's unique 5" x 64 cylinder design makes the Turrim a high-performance table-top cigar lighter as well as the ultimate lighter for the traveling cigar connoisseur that will fit into most cigar travel cases.

Xikar Volta

The Xikar Volta brings together all of Xikar's innovative technologies to create the ultimate desk-top lighter. A large push-button ignition retracts a debris shield and fires up powerful quad-flame burners to deliver optimal coverage when lighting your cigars. An oversized ratcheting flame adjustment and large fuel window only add to this unique lighter's value.

Xikar Lighter Gift Sets

Xikar also offers various gift sets that include lighters and some of Xikar's most popular accessories. From lighter/cutter combos to themed sets for the automobile enthusiast, golfer, or outdoor adventurer, Xikar has options to treat your favorite cigar aficionado or yourself to the Xikar experience.

Xikar Lifetime Warranty

Xikar is committed to offering the finest products available, and they stand by each and every one of their creations by offering a lifetime warranty. If the lighter doesn't live up to the Xikar promise, Xikar is happy to rectify any issues with the lighter.

Xikar Lighter Care

While it is great having a lifetime warranty on hand, you still want to give your lighter all the care it deserves. Always follow Xikar's maintenance recommendations, including using only premium butane fuel. Providing the extra TLC will keep your Xikar lighter at optimal performance and might just save you from ever using Xikar's lifetime warranty service.

Get Fired Up With Xikar

Xikar offers a perfect mix of form, function and value that has made the brand a favorite of cigar lovers since Xikar first arrived on the scene with their instant classic cigar cutters. Kickstart your Xikar experience today and find the ideal Xikar lighter for you.

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