Colibri has been at the forefront of lighter technology since 1928 and continues to produce lighters that offer a seamless blend of style, function, and quality. For the widest range of butane lighters and accessories available, Colibri is an ultimate source.

The Colibri Story

Colibri began in 1928 when German-born brothers Julius and Benno Lowenthal created the Swiss-made Colibri Original. This first-ever semi-automatic lighter greatly improved the efficiency of flint wheel ignition. Innovative lighters and the use of luxurious materials such as gold and mother of pearl helped make Colibri a favorite choice for Europe's sophisticated smokers.

Lowenthal brothers moved operations from their native Frankfurt to London, England, where the company was re-launched in 1933 as Colibri Lighters Ltd. The fully automatic Colibri Monopol lighter with acceleration system was unveiled in 1935. Another first in the industry, they guaranteed the lighter would ignite 100 times in a row - an astonishing number, at the time.

With the brand's reputation already firmly established and the company's move from Germany to England, Colibri unfortunately did not manage to escape the effects of war. During a German air raid in 1940, Colibri's warehouses were destroyed. This sparked Colibri to create a lighter, especially for Allied soldiers. The result was another iconic creation, the Colibri Stormgard, which offered troops a reliable flame source while in the field.

Julius Lowenthal's son Jack joined the company full-time in 1952, kickstarting a new era in lighter design. Many innovations followed, including the piezoelectric ignition system introduced in 1962 that truly revolutionized the lighter industry. This marked the first time that lighters could deliver flame without flint or battery.

The Colibri legend grew throughout the 1970s with a series of other high-profile creations. Colibri received credit for the golden gun made from a cigarette case, cufflink, writing pen and a Colibri Moletric 88 lighter for the 1974 James Bond thriller The Man with the Golden Gun starring Roger Moore and Christopher Lee. Colibri also introduced one of the first touch sensor lighters, the predecessor to another Colibri innovation, the beam sensor lighter.

Jack Lowenthal's son David came on board and helped Colibri to expand its offerings in the 1980s to include Swiss watches, fine writing pens, cigar cutters, humidors and more. This diversity in product range helped Colibri to bolster its position during the cigar boom of the 1990s as one of the world leaders in cigar lighters and accessories.

Colibri began the 2000s by introducing dual and triple jet flame lighters, as well as a full range of precision cigar cutters, all designed for a new generation of cigar smokers. Colibri continues to provide innovative, functional, stylish, and sophisticated lighters and accessories for today's modern aficionados.

Colibri Lighters

Colibri offers a wide array of lighter styles from which to choose. Each type brings a unique set of qualities to the cigar lighting experience. So, take a moment to consider a few points to help you choose the right lighter for you.

Flint or Piezoelectric Ignition
With the flick of a lid and roll of a flint wheel, flint lighters are great for those who want to bring a classic flair to lighting cigars. Flint lighters almost always offer soft flames, although Colibri has experimented with flint-wheeled jet lighters in the past. Flint lighters tend to handle a bit more wear and tear than their piezoelectric counterparts yet require flint replacement and the occasional cleaning.

When it comes to versatility and ease of use, piezoelectric lighters are fantastic options. Colibri's precision piezoelectric lighters do away with the need for flints and create a flame with just a press of the thumb. Piezoelectric jet flame lighters make quick, easy, and no-fuss ways to light cigars indoors or outdoors. If you want the sophisticated look of a flint lighter with the power of a jet flame, check out the Colibri Voyager Metallic White cigar lighter.

Soft Flame or Jet Flame
Colibri offers fine examples of lighters with flint wheel ignition and traditional soft flames, yet the most popular of Colibri's cigar lighters feature jet flame technology. While purists once preferred only the elegance of a soft flame, more and more cigar lovers have discovered the benefits of jet flame lighters.

Not only does this torch style flame provide wind resistance, but it also delivers a more focused flame that lights cigars faster. A drawback of jet flame lighters, however, is they can burn through fuel faster. By comparison, a soft flame is more fuel-efficient and perfectly suited for when there is no wind to contend with while outside, or for indoor use. But if you enjoy cigars mostly outdoors and fuel consumption is of minimal concern, then a Colibri jet flame is an ideal option.

Number of Flames
Colibri offers different configurations of jet flame ignition systems. Single jet flame lighters are the classic do it all lighter that provide a sleek look ideal for any occasion. The Colibri Eclipse is a beautifully contemporary example.

Lighters with dual jet flames make lighting cigars a more precise exercise. Just note that the more flames, the more fuel is consumed. So, it is always good to have an extra can of butane on hand. Lighters with three jet flames, such as the popular Colibri Enterprise, provide even more focused lighting capabilities.

Other Features
It is also best to consider the size and feel of the lighter in hand. Cigar lighters are often bigger than regular cigarette lighters to offer a better grip while lighting cigars and accommodate multiple flame configurations or built-in cigar cutters. Punch-style cutters are the most common to be integrated into Colibri's cigar lighters. So, even if you have another cutter you prefer, you will always have a backup handy.

Count on Colibri

Colibri is a go-to option that has proven time and again that it is the leader in combining lighter technology, functionality, and diversity of styles with good overall value.

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