Ligne 2

Ligne 2

S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 - French perfection down to the smallest detail

The object of desire from the house of S.T. Dupont is called Ligne 2, which has been considered one of the most reliable lighters in the world for generations. With their unmistakable sound, their harmonious proportions and their brand-typical double-tipped flame, the Ligne 2 models have become absolute icons that are held in high esteem all over the world. As early as 1941, the first model was manufactured for the Maharajah of Patiala, thus laying the foundation for an enormous success story.

The design and functions of the Ligne 2

In the hands of the craftsmen at S.T. Dupont, precious metals become timeless works of art. From body to tank, Ligne 2 lighters are made from a solid block of brass that stands the test of time and offers maximum reliability. All Ligne 2 lighters are intricately handcrafted in Faverges, France. The average production time for a lighter is 4-5 months. A total of 70 different components are assembled in 600 steps and undergo approximately 300 quality control tests throughout the process.
For the finish, only gold, silver, palladium or lacquer are chosen, although of course not just any lacquer. Dupont uses only the best to decorate their works of art and after a long search they finally found the right material. Chinese lacquer, rhus lacquer or Japanese lacquer is obtained from the sap of the lacquer tree. The trees have to be at least nine years old to extract the valuable bark secretion, ideally and for top quality rather 12-15 years. Before the lacquer is refined on the lighter itself, it is first subjected to elaborate processing. Its great resistance to liquids such as water, alcohol, acids or salt solutions is the reason for its enormous esteem in the art of craftsmanship and goldsmithing.
The meticulous and detailed guilloche work of S.T. Dupont called "Micro Diamond Head" offers a particularly high recognition value, as for example in the model (insert XY link).

Additional information about the lighter

The rotating roller for igniting the lighter has 24 vertical lines, unless it is smoothly designed. Each lighter of the Ligne 2 series can be refilled, its flame intensity can be regulated and with a few simple steps it can be equipped with a new flint. To change the flint, open the upper protective cap of your lighter, underneath you will find the grey friction wheel installed on the outside right. At the same height on the left you will find a small cylinder-shaped metal body that can be easily pressed down with your fingernail, as soon as it is pressed the slide opens under which the compartment for the flint is hidden. The new flint is inserted horizontally so that it has a direct friction surface and is close to the friction wheel. Behind it, another stone can be inserted vertically in a kind of storage compartment. This means that you can easily change your flint when you are on the move and at any time.
Each model of the Ligne 2 has an individual serial number on its underside. You should clean and maintain your lighter regularly, ideally with a microfibre cloth, especially in the area of the flame nozzle, where some soot can accumulate over time. An important additional recommendation would be to blow out the flame before you close the lid of your lighter, so you would completely avoid deposited soot. Please use only the appropriate red S.T. Dupont flints for your lighter.

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