hair hygrometer adorini cigar edition small hair hygrometer adorini cigar edition small hair hygrometer adorini cigar edition small hair hygrometer adorini cigar edition small hair hygrometer adorini cigar edition small adorini Hair Hygrometer Small photo 3
hair hygrometer adorini cigar edition small

adorini Hair Hygrometer Small

4.5 (299 Ratings)

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The town of Glashütte is world renowned as home to some of the finest luxury watches Germany has to offer. With this legendary reputation for the finest in precision instruments, it is no surprise that the region should also be home to the manufacture of the absolute best precision hygrometers. The level of expertise needed to create these devices is nothing short of extraordinary and the adorini Hair Hygrometer beautifully shows off that skill, making it an ideal option for any smaller sized humidor.

Hailed by the editors of Cigar Aficionado magazine for its “precision, elegance and simplicity,” this pre-calibrated hygrometer delivers the most precise humidity measuring possible thanks to a highly-accurate and maintenance-free synthetic hair. Hair hygrometers operate by way of a hair being stretched by a metal spring and then attached to a needle. As the humidity level changes, so too does the length of the hair, which moves the needle to the corresponding humidity level on the hygrometer’s analog dial. Since synthetic hair is used, there is no need for greasing the hair or any other necessary tasks to maintain its functionality properly. Just mount it and watch it work its magic.

The precision hygrometer can show a range of relative humidity from 20% to 90% and has been optimized by the manufacturer specifically to capture the highest range of accuracy at 65% to 75% relative humidity, making it a perfect option for properly maintaining cigars. A beautiful gold finish and small footprint make adorini’s Hair Hygrometer Small a perfect choice for monitoring your cigars no matter the storage container. Whether you need a hygrometer for a new humidor or simply need to dust off the cobwebs and update an old one, this precision hygrometer is a classic you can trust.

Measurement mechanism:
Synthetic hair
Humidity range:
20-90 % relative humidity
Outside diameter:
45 mm
EAN code:
Humidity accuracy:
16 mm

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.5/5   (299 Ratings)
 63% (188 Ratings)
 31% (93 Ratings)
 4% (13 Ratings)
 1% (2 Ratings)
 1% (3 Ratings)
 03 Jan 2024

Simply extremely accurate, measured several times. And it's super practical that you can also calibrate it.

 19 Apr 2023

Very nice compact humidity meter.

 02 Feb 2023

Looks high quality.

 08 Mar 2022

Received in good condition, consistent with the product description, fast delivery. Haven't used it yet so I can't say if the product is effective.

 16 Feb 2022

Works very well.

 24 Aug 2021


 14 May 2021

Pretty and works well.

 17 Mar 2021

Everything is great and works just fine!

 27 Oct 2020

Wonderful experience and wonderful customer service. Received all accurate and fast answers about my product Product arrived in perfect conditions, delivery was super fast. Top shop! Paolo

 16 Sep 2020


 03 Sep 2020

great product, it was what I was looking for, perfect

 24 Jul 2020

I received my order correctly and in perfect condition and it works great, thank you very much! See you soon for future orders. Yours sincerely.

 24 Jul 2020

Hi, you have me down as having purchased the Adorini Hair Hygrometer Small. I'm under the impression that I had purchased the larger one which I am happy with, but seeing it with the little Perspex stand I thought that it was included. Two other small details, I also thought it would be calibratable and unfortunately the magnet has become detached. (simple fix). Regards J.R.Wilcock

 18 Apr 2020

Great product, works perfectly.

 24 Mar 2020

Received and everything perfect.

 01 Mar 2020

Small, well-made, very precise. Really satisfied.

 22 Aug 2019

The product arrived with impeccable punctuality. The hygrometer does what was expected and indeed exceeds my expectations regarding its external appearance (possible object of furniture, despite its small dimensions) and for its precision. I use it for my concert guitar and I take the opportunity to mention this to those who want to use it for the same purpose. The quality/price ratio is unbeatable.

 23 May 2019

Came in great shape and as described, but no instructions and can't find any online.

 21 Mar 2019

Shipping on time, packed with care, great product. Calibration test with saturated salt method showed a difference of a couple of degrees (marked 77%). I didn't try to correct it by turning the screw at the back but I think one can do that easily.

 23 Nov 2018

Top product and perfect delivery.

 18 Nov 2018

Good product, it works properly.

 05 Oct 2018

The hygrometer is a useful measuring instrument, with no defect or poor reading.

 23 Nov 2017

Very good device, accurate and reliable.

 07 Jan 2014

I am satisfied!

 09 Oct 2013

Works well, have made some tests, adapts well to continue.

 17 Jan 2013

I had to calibrate it ... I took it for granted even if they sell it as a preset one. Anyway it's still great.

 20 Dec 2012

2 well haarhygrometers, pretty small. Gasven have different values. Calibration was therefore needed and a piece of cake. Very satisfied!

 12 Nov 2012

Very accurate. Excellent shipping

 03 Sep 2012

For the price of a good device. I've even calibrated it on my own and it works properly.

 25 Jun 2012

high price

 18 Jun 2012

Hello, this hygrometer is really a synthetic one. I ordered a spring one on another site, but it was clearly ineffective. This hygrometer is very accurate, and the needle does not rise suddenly like with a spring. It's easy to calibrate with the screws on the back. Don't forget to calibrate it though;) even if it's originally fine.

 08 Jun 2012

Excellent product, beautiful, effective, small, elegant and above all accurate.

 07 Jun 2012

claudio: Fast shipping and as described,I am very satisfied with the products purchased, congratulations to humidordiscount

 19 May 2012

with the true security is not the last sale!

 05 May 2012

Is exactly what I expected

 16 Mar 2012

Excellent product and excellent appearance also!!

 12 Mar 2012

Good product, very useful the back magnet.

 11 Mar 2012

Everything ok.

 03 Mar 2012

calibration needed

 07 Feb 2012

Good workmanship, but very sensitive, which is reflected in the abandonment of reading.

 03 Feb 2012

Perfect. Already calibrated and ready for use. Highly recommended.

 23 Jan 2012


 20 Jan 2012

Great product, easy to calibrate

 30 Dec 2011

Great hygrometer. I use it to check the accuracy of my digital ones.

 22 Dec 2011

Products conform to the descriptions oline.

 26 Nov 2011

While on vacation, I bought a cedar cigar box. As I don't know how my cigar consumption will evolve I didn't want to purchase a humidor just yet. So I ordered the small hygrometer and it fits perfectly in the box, even though there is not much room! Now I humidify the box as soon as the level drops below the ideal value. That way, I created a mini humidor. But if I remain faithful to the cigars I will definitely buy a real humidor. It is just a great transitional solution if you are not sure yet!

 16 Sep 2011

Hygrometer beautiful and highly accurate, Adorini is at the top.

 30 Dec 2010

Although not yet know the effectiveness of the measure, in principle, seems to be going well.

 06 Dec 2010

The product is great value and aesthetics (front) is not bad, do not require batteries.

 28 Nov 2010


 25 Nov 2010

calibration was imperfect, but I took advantage of an electronic tool for ritaralo and now is fine

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