Xikar VX V-Cut Cigar Cutter Gunmetal

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The v-cut style of cigar cutter has long been a choice for cigar connoisseurs, yet as many have discovered, traditional v-cutters can be tricky to use and only cut a small range of sizes. The folks at Xikar have solved the problem and brought the v-cutter into the modern age with the Xikar VX V-Cut Cigar Cutter.

Xikar’s reputation for innovative design and high-quality craftsmanship is on full display with the Xikar VX V-Cut. The cutter’s sturdy construction and a stylish gunmetal finish make it as comfortable to hold as it is pleasing to the eye.

While at first glance, the cutter may not look much different from a guillotine cutter, the difference rests in the VX V-Cut’s razor-sharp inverted blade. In one swift motion, this stainless-steel blade cuts a perfect wedge shape in the cigar. Unlike most traditional v-cutters that are limited in capability, this mighty tool can cut cigars up to a whopping 64-ring gauge. That’s not all this cutter will do. The cutter’s ergonomically contoured shape also doubles as a cigar holder!

This cutter is ideal for cigar lovers in search of a unique cutter that is easy to use, reliable, and offers the flexibility to cut almost any size of a cigar. Whether you are a v-cutting pro or you are new to the v-cutting game, the Xikar VX V-Cut is a winning choice.
EAN code: 813463017023
Color: Gun-metal
Weight: 45 g
Cutter type: V cutter
Coating: None
Blades: 2
Item ID: 1155gm
Brand: Xikar
Made of: Metal
Material of blades: Stainless steel
Dimensions (H x W x D): 12 mm x 41 mm x 13 mm
Maximum size of cigar: 64

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Overall rating Review rating 4.5/5
(12 Ratings)
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Review rating
 21 Dec 2017
Translated from original in French
Excellent cut, product with straightforward design that gets the job done handily.
Review rating
 01 Jul 2014
Translated from original in Dutch
Product is fine, just the way it is packaged is worthless.
Review rating
 05 Nov 2020
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 05 Jun 2017
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 03 Jun 2017
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 08 Mar 2015
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 31 Aug 2014
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 25 Jul 2014
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 08 May 2014
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 09 Nov 2013
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 24 Oct 2013
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 09 Sep 2013
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