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adorini HumiFit Humidifier Solution Premium 1L

4.7 (176 Ratings)

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Using a humidifier seems simple enough, just add distilled water and let it do its thing, right? Well, water alone, distilled or not, does not necessarily mean your cigars are going to be kept at the optimal humidity level. Humidifiers can be all over the map when it comes to reliability. There will always be room for improvement, and so adorini offers Humifit Humidor Solution Premium. Whether you have an adorini-branded acrylic polymer humidifying unit or any other humidifier, this premium liquid will have the humidifier working at peak performance like never before.

This solution has been specially developed to both preserve your cigars and prolong the functionality of your humidifier, offering much more to the humidification process than plain old distilled water. A key aspect of the fluid is the presence of silver ions, which have been added for their antibacterial properties and to provide long-lasting, consistent humidity control. The result of this unique liquid is a powerful humidification tool that will let you rest easy in the knowledge your cigars are receiving the best humidity control possible.

The Humifit Humidifier Solution Premium is available in one-liter bottles, perfect for enhancing larger humidifiers, multiple humidifiers at a time or simply stashing away for humidor emergencies whenever they should arise. You can also use the one-liter containers to fill smaller squeeze bottles for applications that might call for more precision.

Whether for an acryl polymer-based humidification system or any other humidifier you want to optimize for greater humidity control, adorini’s Humifit Humidifier Solution Premium 1L will prove an invaluable enhancement that you should always have on hand. Do away with the worry and frustration of inferior humidity management, and stock up with Humifit Humidifier Solution Premium.

Desiged for humidors with capacity up to:
None cigars
80 mm
80 mm
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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.7/5   (176 Ratings)
 85% (149 Ratings)
 7% (13 Ratings)
 2% (4 Ratings)
 3% (6 Ratings)
 2% (4 Ratings)
 09 May 2024

The shipment was prompt and at a good price. Highly recommended.

 17 Apr 2024

Thanks to the HumidorDiscount team

 17 Apr 2024

I know this product and only use this one! It delivers what it promises. I don't want to miss it.

 18 Feb 2024

What should you rate about humidifier fluid :-)

 04 Feb 2024

Can be dosed easily

 22 Nov 2023


 14 Mar 2023

The bottle easily lasts a year for a medium/large humidor.

 08 Feb 2023

I am delighted with my purchase. Perfect delivery, thank you. See you soon.

 29 Sep 2022

Service and quality of product 5 star review. Fully recommend

 29 Sep 2022

Super Efficient! A joy to shop at!

 19 May 2022

Excellent product, like all of this brand.

 16 Feb 2022

Perfect for bacteria-free humidification.

 24 Aug 2021


 30 May 2021

Great for your humidor

 06 May 2021

everything OK

 22 Apr 2021


 09 Apr 2021

Wouldn’t use anything else for my humidor.

 04 Feb 2021

Fine, fast delivery.

 27 Jan 2021

Fast delivery, everything is fine.

 15 Jan 2021

Great product.

 19 Sep 2020

Well packaged and in perfect condition. Fast delivery.

 06 Aug 2020

Both products were okay and well packaged, thank you

 13 Jun 2020

Not much to say about this.

 07 May 2020

Following an oversight of my first order, this article was sent to me very quickly and without discussion from Humidor Discount. However, I must deplore fanciful dates of arrival of products in the 2 orders by the same carrier UPS. Each time, the products are announced for such a day, then the next day or even the next day ... and without even a word of apology, or a call to say that ultimately it will not be today. In short, we already have no scheduled time slot it is during the day, not too serious during this confinement period), but in addition no respect for UPS! So, yes, I am happy with Humidor Discount and its products, but not at all with the carrier who is not serious.

 05 May 2020

I like it very much!

 20 Mar 2020

Good quality, fast delivery.

 15 Mar 2020

not tested yet but same thing that I bought before in mini format. On the other hand the bottle leaks through the stopper in the packaging in the lying position.

 07 Feb 2020

Good value for money.

 01 Dec 2019

Good product, provided you do not over humidify your humidor.

 11 Oct 2019

Good product. Used for the last 5 years in my humidor, no problems with parasites. Excellent pay per value.

 14 Jul 2019


 08 Jul 2019

Top. Comment as an amateur and still testing.

 25 May 2019

Economical container!

 18 May 2019

Convenient filler cap for filling the humidifiers.

 06 Apr 2019

Very good product.

 18 Feb 2019

It's just distilled water plus silver ions, ....

 02 Feb 2019

Delivery quick as always and packaging well done. Great product.

 13 Jan 2019

The best solution to avoid unpleasant surprises.

 23 Nov 2018

Good value for money.

 05 Oct 2018

Useful product!

 04 Oct 2018

Very good product, just a little expensive.

 02 Jul 2018

Great service and rapid shipment from HD.

 09 May 2018

A bit expensive but nice product. DIY might be considered.

 19 Apr 2018

Ordered humidifier, water and Boveda packs, all came promptly and as ordered, very pleased!

 22 Dec 2017

Humidifying solution as per standard. The advantage of silver ions will show over time. It never happened to me to have cigars infested with some type of bacteria or insect, even though I only used simple distilled water.

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