Sponge for adorini Cigar Heaven

Sponge for adorini Cigar Heaven

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Adorini’s Cigar Heaven humidification system is renowned for its consistency and reliability in keeping cigars in optimal condition. Found in the finest humidors all around the world, the Cigar Heaven humidifier is a favorite that, just like everything else, can occasionally stand for a little reboot. The best way to get your Cigar Heaven humidifier back into shape is with the replacement Sponge for adorini Cigar Heaven.

Fine-pored and treated with anti-bacterial silver ions, this medical-grade sponge delivers the same dependable humidification you have come to expect from the Cigar Heaven humidification system. Optimized for up to 300 cigars, just replace the old sponge with the new, and you are back in business. Super absorbent without the drip, you won’t have to worry about losing water out of the humidifier when mounted on the underside of your humidor's lid.

A dependable and cost-effective option for keeping your cigars in ideal condition, the Sponge for adorini Cigar Heaven will prove its worth again and again. Whether replacing a sponge in one humidifier or an entire collection of devices, adorini recommends each Cigar Heaven sponge be replaced every two years to ensure the highest level of humidification control.
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300 cigars
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 4.4/5   (54Ratings)
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 6% (3 Ratings)
 26 Nov 2020
Translated from original in German

Delivered as expected. Now my cigars can be stored safely again.

 24 Feb 2019
Translated from original in French

Absorbs a lot of water, requires 2-3 days until it works at 100%, to be exchanged every 2 years.

 23 Nov 2018

Although it was on their website, they could not deliver it :-(

 19 Jun 2017
Translated from original in French

Quality product. Careful delivery.

 05 May 2015
Translated from original in Italian


 26 Oct 2014
Translated from original in French

Good product, consistent with the description.

 26 Nov 2021
 10 Oct 2021
 09 Sep 2021
 31 Jul 2021
 01 Jun 2021
 23 Apr 2021
 05 Jan 2021
 01 Sep 2020
 07 Aug 2020
 29 Jul 2020
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