LV electronic Humidifier LV electronic Humidifier LV electronic Humidifier LV electronic Humidifier LV electronic Humidifier
LV electronic Humidifier

Le Veil Electronic Humidifier

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Many cigar enthusiasts have experienced firsthand that the consistency and condition of cigars will only be as good as the quality of the humidification device. For those who want to escape the hassle of using bare basic humidifiers and move into the range of precision electronic humidification, the fully automatic Le Veil (LV) electronic humidifier is a favorite option that delivers long-lasting and consistent humidity to ensure the preservation of your cigars.

The LV electronic humidifier features an updated design with a transparent refillable cartridge loaded with acrylic polymer crystals that merge with distilled water to form a humidity enhancing gel. This means there is never a need for the addition of any special liquid solutions. With a convenient size that will fit into a wide variety of humidors, this device is designed for small-to-midsize cigar collections of 50 to 600 cigars yet can be upgraded for larger humidors with an optional fan kit for enhanced circulation.

Humidity is dispersed by brushless fans housed in the top portion of the unit that delivers robust, yet super-quiet humidification up to several months per refill. The upper part also contains a powerful microprocessor control and large LCD digital display that lists current humidity, temperature and humidity high and low levels. The unit displays a 3-day humidity average, as well, giving you a more accurate reading of your cigars' current condition. Factory settings are preset to 70% humidity, yet the unit allows for manual humidity regulation ranging from 40% to 90%, giving you greater flexibility to maintain cigars at your preferred level.

All these unique features help to make the LV electronic humidifier a versatile, easy-to-maintain and reliable humidification device that will prove a most valuable asset in the protection of your cigar collection.

EAN code:
Desiged for humidors with capacity up to:
600 cigars
Temperature range:
None celsius
Measurement mechanism:
Electronic sensor
Temperature units:
Humidity accuracy:
Temperature accuracy:
Made of:
ABS plastic
Humidity range:
40-91 % relative humidity
Dimensions (H x W x D):
89 mm x 56 mm x 153 mm
Interior humidifier material:
Water tank

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 3.9/5   (17 Ratings)
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 04 Jan 2022

Very nice

 16 Jul 2019

The humidifier doesn't work in a right way. The ventilation doesn't stop even though the defined humidity is reached.

 11 Sep 2017

The parcel arrived well. The only flaw: there is only one plug for the 12V-connection on the device, not two - but it works perfectly.

 26 Feb 2024
 22 Feb 2022
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