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adorini Vittoria Deluxe Desktop Humidor

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For many cigar aficionados, there comes a time when small desktop humidors just won’t accommodate an ever-growing collection of cigars anymore. Leaping into the world of larger desktop humidors might seem a daunting venture, but adorini offers what might just be one of the best in its class: The Vittoria Deluxe desktop humidor.

An impressive 500 Corona-size cigar capacity buoys the beautifully crafted humidor which features a visually pleasing ebony veneer semi-gloss finish and lid with partial glass viewing pane. Heavy-duty quadrant hinges and strong corpus give the humidor a sturdy foundation, gold-plated lock and handles provide added security and ease of mobility. Extra-hard steamed Spanish cedar lines the interior for the optimal cigar environment, which is further enhanced by adorini’s innovative RibTech ventilation ribs that help maximize the airflow throughout the humidor.

Two adjustable Spanish cedar trays provide flexibility in managing your cigar collection, while a larger area beneath the trays offers plenty of space to store full boxes of cigars. Some of adorini’s most crowd-pleasing features, vertical and horizontal dividers with divider label clips, are also included adding even more versatility to organizing cigars.

Humidity is controlled by adorini’s much-loved Cigar Heaven 2nd generation electronic humidification system. This beautifully conceived humidifier can be powered by an AC adapter or by its onboard rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, which can last for up to four weeks on one charge. The device’s water reservoir holds enough water for nearly two months of humidification, which can be manually adjusted between 40 and 80 percent relative humidity. An LCD screen shows all the information you need to maintain ideal conditions, including current humidity and temperature, high and low humidity levels, and 3-day average humidity level.

With this high-powered humidification system in place alongside many of adorini’s most popular deluxe features, the Vittoria Deluxe desktop humidor combines size, versatility, innovation, and elegance into one of adorini’s most exceptional creations.

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Capacity for up to 500 corona cigars.
What we like
  • Powerful electronic humidifier included and mounted in lid.
  • Unique design. One of the largest standard desktop humidors.
  • Recommended by Cigar Aficionado Magazine.
What we dislike
  • Occupies large surface area.

Adorini Deluxe Features

  • Deluxe feature image

    Adorini life-time warranty

  • Deluxe feature image

    Extra-strong humidor corpus and extra-strong Spanish cedar lining

  • Deluxe feature image

    Extra-strong quadrant hinges - 24K gold plated and hand polished

  • Deluxe feature image

    Hygrometer and humidifier fixed with magnet to invisible metal plate under wood veneer

  • Deluxe feature image

    Innovative tray design ("AirVent") to allow maximum air circulation and compatibility with new generation electronic humidifiers. Protected Adorini innovation

  • Deluxe feature image

    Innovative divider system for flexible individual separation. Protected adorini innovation

  • Deluxe feature image

    Unique ventilation ribs ("RibTech") for improved air circulation within humidor. Protected adorini innovation

  • Deluxe feature image

    Label clips for dividers. Protected Adorini innovation

Calculate online how many of your favorite cigars will fit into the humidor
EAN code:
Inner height tray:
35 mm
Made of:
Inner width tray:
143 mm
Dimensions (H x W x D):
210 mm x 360 mm x 490 mm
Product weight:
1068 g
Inner dimensions (H x W x D)
187 mm x 305 mm x 435 mm
Precalibrated high precsion hair hygrometer
Adorini life-time warranty
Inner length tray:
290 mm

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 4.7/5   (35 Ratings)
 77% (27 Ratings)
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 28 Nov 2023

It's a Christmas gift. I can only judge it externally.

 26 Apr 2022

Everything perfect

 24 Mar 2022

Very nice product, very satisfied! And the customer service is perfect too.

 14 May 2021

Extremely happy with the humidor, very well constructed. Delivery was quick and very well packed.

 19 Mar 2021

Excellent, easy to adjust.

 22 Jun 2020

Beautiful Humidor! everything delivered by appointment. Very nicely finished.

 07 Nov 2019

Quick delivery. The humidor according to my expectations.

 10 Feb 2019

Very good humidor except that the LCD display of the humidifier Cigar Heaven 2 has stopped working properly after less than one year in use.

 07 Jan 2019

An absolutely beautiful product. Initially, after 1 day, the humidity reading was a bit confusing for me because a value (C8, then C4, then C6) was displayed that wasn't mentioned anywhere in the manual. But after 2 days the value (68%-70%) adjusted in an expected way. It would be desirable if Adorini published a few clarifications here, because it unsettled me a lot. I'm glad that the 3-day-average value is now at 68%, although I would like to see the 70%, which are preset by the manufacturer. I suspect that this can be achieved with a little patience by opening or closing the vents. All the same I'm very enthusiastic about the humidor and would recommend it any time.

 13 May 2018

Very good quality and reliable electronic humidifier.

 02 Oct 2014

The humidor came in a package with styrofoam, in which was original Adorini box also containing styrofoam. Seeing this I immediately told the courier that he can go, cause everything MUST be OK. The humidor itself is a masterpiece, I can't express enough how happy I am to have it.

 05 Jun 2014

Really pleased. My 4th humidor from this place. Fast and safe delivery.

 16 Jan 2014

Very beautiful and well processed humidor, very dense and finally a lot of space

 14 Aug 2013

Just beautiful. It arrived in excellent condition, and everything was perfect.

 01 Jun 2012

Pros: Beautifully made Humidor. Outstanding craftmanship. It is the ideal size to store 4 large boxes of habanos in the bottom. Cons: Only issue I have with it, is that you cannot close the lid with the humidifier and the top trays in place as shown on the pictures. They interfere with each other. So I placed the humidifier in one of the trays. Not ideal but fit for purpose.

 25 May 2019
 03 Sep 2018
 15 Jul 2018
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