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adorini Torino Deluxe Humidor

4.7 (1913 Ratings)
-18% Discount

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Expertly blending form, function and value, adorini has long been a favorite humidor option for cigar aficionados around the world. Nowhere is the adorini passion for quality on better display than with the Torino Deluxe Humidor. Whether in search of your first high-quality desktop humidor or simply in search of additional space for your ever-growing cigar collection, this all-time classic has all the deluxe features you need to make it an ideal home for your cigars.

The Torino Deluxe humidor’s multilayered black lacquer finish and compact yet elegant design make for a beautiful addition to any home or office. The expertly crafted best-seller features extra-strong gold-plated quadrant hinges for added stability, as well as a steamed Spanish cedar veneer interior ideal for preserving up to 30 of your favorite Corona-size cigars.

Spanish cedar RibTech ventilation ribs and a pre-calibrated precision hygrometer work in unison with adorini’s gold-plated deluxe humidifier to keep each of your cigars in pristine condition. The humidifier utilizes anti-bacterial acryl polymer fleece to provide super consistent, self-regulating humidity control. Humidity can be manually fine-tuned by adjusting the ventilation openings on the humidifier.

A metal plate hidden beneath the cedar veneer for mounting the humidifier and hygrometer join an innovative divider system with divider label clips to strengthen the humidor’s diverse functionality. This added flexibility ensures your cigars will be ready to be enjoyed at a moment’s notice. Adorini’s legendary lifetime warranty brings the security of knowing your cigars will always have a proper home.

This incredible array of features combines with sturdy construction, versatility and value to make the Torino Deluxe humidor one of the most reliable and most popular humidors available today. Whether novice cigar enthusiast or longtime aficionado, this humidor is sure to please.

What we like
  • Beginner humidor with high quality components.
  • Hair hygrometer.
What we dislike
  • Not compatible with electronic humidifiers.

Adorini Deluxe Features

  • Deluxe feature image

    Adorini life-time warranty

  • Deluxe feature image

    Extra-strong humidor corpus and extra-strong Spanish cedar lining

  • Deluxe feature image

    Extra-strong quadrant hinges - 24K gold plated and hand polished

  • Deluxe feature image

    Gold plated acryl polymer based Adorini Deluxe humidifier with adjustable ventilation openings for an optimum regulation of the humidity level

  • Deluxe feature image

    Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage

  • Deluxe feature image

    Hygrometer and humidifier fixed with magnet to invisible metal plate under wood veneer

  • Deluxe feature image

    Innovative divider system for flexible individual separation. Protected adorini innovation

  • Deluxe feature image

    Unique ventilation ribs ("RibTech") for improved air circulation within humidor. Protected adorini innovation

  • Deluxe feature image

    Label clips for dividers. Protected Adorini innovation

EAN code:
3000 g
Analog with synthetic hair
Adorini life-time warranty
Exterior finish:
Made of:
Material inside veneer:
Extra strong steamed spanish cedar with ventilation ribs
Dimensions (H x W x D):
95 mm x 265 mm x 225 mm
Inner dimensions (H x W x D)
220 mm x 60 mm x 180 mm
Exterior veneer:
Painted lacquer
Divider seperations included:
Lock and key to close the humidor:

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.7/5   (1913 Ratings)
 73% (1400 Ratings)
 22% (416 Ratings)
 4% (68 Ratings)
 1% (15 Ratings)
 1% (14 Ratings)
 06 Mar 2024

Excellent product. Thanks to the videos, the first preparation is easy. Fair price

 31 Dec 2023

Very happy with the humidor itself. Instructions would have been handy for setup!

 26 Dec 2023

I was surprised by the quality of this product! Excellent

 28 Nov 2023

Perfect in every way, highly recommended!

 13 Nov 2023

I regret not having received the instructions for use. I had to go online to get instructions on how to use it.

 21 Sep 2023

Perfect product. Ready for use in two days and plenty of space for different lengths of cigars. I recommend it.

 17 Aug 2023

Very good quality

 06 Jul 2023

Beautiful humidor, fast customer service and fast delivery

 24 May 2023

The customer service is also very kind.

 15 Mar 2023

Fast shipping, product as described. Very satisfied with the purchase

 22 Feb 2023

Fast delivery, great product and condition.

 18 Feb 2023

Super fast delivery. Very nice humidor!

 31 Jan 2023

Very satisfied!!!!

 19 Jan 2023


 14 Jan 2023

Delivered in perfect condition. Very nice. Exactly matches the product on the website.

 07 Jan 2023

Nicely made and simple to setup and use. The only minor gripe is that one of the magnets from the humidifier got unglued. Otherwise a good product.

 07 Oct 2022

just that the box is in kit form inside, it would have been nicer to open it and have everything installed inside, it would have been less gimmicky

 06 Oct 2022

Delivered on time. Excellent product and very good value for money. Recommended.

 02 Oct 2022

Super product for a novice cigar enthusiast. Just a pity it doesn't come with an instruction manual.

 26 Jul 2022

Humidor delivered unexpected but quickly. No track and trace. Humidor meets expectation.

 11 Jul 2022

I don’t trust most online reviews. Expect bad reviews to be filtered. However, this shop did great. Good sending, good packaging, good communication, and the product is as described and for a decent price. Happy, will recommend this store and buy again.

 07 Jul 2022

Perfect. Delivered on time.

 02 Jun 2022

Amazing Product! Super quality. Arrived quickly and very well conditioned. 5* service

 26 May 2022

I like it, great accessories. I'll know later if it is any good, it's my first one

 22 May 2022

Marvelous. Aesthetically impeccable, perfect hermetic closure. It comes with a magnetized hair hygrometer, a large magnetized humidifier, moisturizing liquid, cedar separators, labels, user manuals, etc... totally complete and of quality. I recommend it for those of us who buy our cigars by units and want to have a humidor to store and preserve them correctly.

 17 May 2022

Product arrived on time, perfect in all its parts! Satisfied, excellent service

 17 Mar 2022

Very nice humidor as described, no problem and fast delivery.

 23 Feb 2022

Excellent quality-price ratio.

 09 Feb 2022

Really satisfied with the purchase. The shipment arrived on time and in a short time. The humidor was carefully packaged to avoid any possible damage and the product is phenomenal and elegant.

 20 Jan 2022

Elegant and functional. Am thrilled.

 09 Sep 2021

Fulfills its role perfectly. Some difficulties with UPS for the recognition of my address however.

 02 Sep 2021

My first humidor and I can only say a wonderful product. The smell of the cedar wood in my office is just wonderful. I am very satisfied, shipping very quickly and very well packaged. Gladly again!

 31 Aug 2021

Exactly as ordered.

 30 May 2021

Great quality

 25 May 2021

Simple but high quality product, very beautiful and wide-walled... perfect. Fast shipping without any problems.

 14 Apr 2021

Great little humidor. So excited for a nicer, higher quality humidor. Came in perfect shape and even unwrapping it made me feel like I just paid a lot more than I did. I will definitely come back here again to buy anything I need.

 14 Apr 2021

Top quality.

 06 Mar 2021

Beautiful and qualitatively well done! Recommended.

 27 Feb 2021

Very nice product, on the other hand the supplied humidifier seems too imposing for the humidor. I cannot get the humidity below 75%, even with the hatches closed.

 13 Feb 2021


 10 Feb 2021

Super quality .. my vitolas have found new life.

 10 Feb 2021

Good communication by mail, products delivered well packaged.

 28 Jan 2021

Great humidor, was safely packed and delivered quickly.

 27 Jan 2021

Very well made product. Fast delivery. When unpacking the hygrometer was defective, it was exchanged immediately without any problems. I am very pleased.

 26 Jan 2021

Super fast delivery also to Switzerland. The only thing that upset me was that I had to pay €21 cash on delivery in addition to the customs fees. They write that delivery to Switzerland is not free.

 19 Jan 2021

Fast, reliable and cheap delivery. The humidor is very beautiful, of high quality and according to the description. Definitely a recommendation.

 07 Jan 2021

Excellent value for money.

 01 Jan 2021

Purchase, shipping, service, quality - everything is great! Clear recommendation!

 29 Dec 2020

Very good product, consistent with the description, I highly recommend.

 28 Dec 2020

It was a gift for my fiancée who is more and more interested in the world of the cigar. He adored it. The wood is so good quality and smells amazingly good lol.

 26 Dec 2020

Very well made humidor. It was well packaged and delivered on time.

 23 Dec 2020

Fast & reliable delivery.

 16 Dec 2020

Nice humidor, very satisfied.

 02 Dec 2020

Very professional, top delivery.

 02 Dec 2020

Beautiful as christmas gift for my husband! Great quality, and feels exclusive.

 28 Nov 2020

Looks great and works!

 28 Nov 2020

Excellent product and very nice finish! The delivery is relatively fast and the object fulfills my expectations, of this type of model. I highly recommend it.

 25 Nov 2020

Superb piece, very qualitative with beautiful finishes.The site is very responsive and attentive, a great experience, you have won a customer.

 22 Nov 2020

Great product, arrived in a short time and with good packaging.

 25 Sep 2020

Nice finish, decent quality, great item to place in your interior. Humidity meter doesn't seem that reliable, so you can replace it... Definitely recommended for the novice / modest cigar enthusiast!

 09 Sep 2020

Very high quality product and packaging, fast delivery. I recommend it without hesitation.

 03 Sep 2020

Magnificent cigar humidor! It should please my husband for our 5 years of marriage (wooden wedding anniversary) it is really sober and well made! I recommend it.

 14 Aug 2020

High quality product, perfect finish, no defects, Very fast delivery

 04 Aug 2020

Nice product offered for a birthday. Nice finish. It only remains to put it into operation

 27 Jun 2020

Good humidor to start with. Price quality the best. Sturdy and solid. Spanish cedar inside. Everything is there. Top product.

 20 Jun 2020

Fast delivery and super packed. It is my first humidor, everything is well explained and all the accessories you need for operation are very satisfied. Thank you very much.

 10 Jun 2020

Very beautiful object, the accessories all seem of good quality.

 05 Jun 2020

Nice workmanship, fast delivery, everything perfect.

 22 May 2020

Ideally suited for the beginning. Nice and simple humidor with excellent equipment. Very recommendable.

 12 May 2020

Beautiful object and above all of good quality. Fast delivery on time. I recommend!

 05 May 2020

Extremely satisfied. Punctual shipping, perfect items. I will gladly buy again.

 05 May 2020

Solid humidor and good size for 30 cigars. Easy to set up and good guide book.

 01 May 2020

Very good quality although it’s not expensive!!!

 29 Apr 2020

Thank you!

 22 Apr 2020

Perfect... the defective hygrometer was easily replaced. Nice and competent advice and help on the phone. Very fast delivery.

 16 Apr 2020

A truly appreciated gift. Excellent product arrived in perfect condition, not even a scratch. The humidor is simple, very elegant and of medium size, excellent to be placed even on a study desk. Delivered in 5 days (very fast considering the health emergency). Also very satisfied with the engraving service (the personalized plate was inserted in a separate bag from the humidor packaging). Excellent quality and well equipped (humidifier, hygrometer, liquid and dividers). RECOMMENDED.

 13 Apr 2020

The best of the best

 10 Apr 2020

The cigar cellar is a fine product, however the accessories are not up to par with the cellar. The hygrometer does not work correctly, because for the adjustment the needle does not rotate but the dial as well as the needle with....

 09 Apr 2020

great humidor, I didn't have to readjust the hygrometer, despite being transported by plane.

 06 Mar 2020


 27 Feb 2020

This is my first cigar humidor and therefore my first purchase of chet humidor discount. The cellar is just magnificent, of simple beauty as I like. The finishes are perfect. I encountered a small problem with the hygrometer (wrong calibration), but it quickly returned to order thanks to the responsiveness of the HD team who sent me a new hygrometer. In short I can only advise humidor discount for all your purchases related to cigars.

 23 Feb 2020

Workmanship very good, humidifier a little too big for the humidor. It is better not to use too much liquid when first moistening and readjust later before the air humidity is too high. Even completely closed flaps only help to a limited extent if the polymer is too moist.

 09 Feb 2020

Very fast and prompt delivery. Good humidor in price performance. Initiated and excited.

 03 Feb 2020

Fast shipping and well protected. The cellar is superb and well finished. Once the “start-up” procedure is respected, cigars have found their place!

 28 Jan 2020

The humidor is nice. The glass of the hygrometer was not fixed, however, so we fixed it ourselves in a makeshift manner. It's a little crooked now. The lady I talked to about the engraving said I should just push it in. You could fix it with the screw on the back. But this is a screw for humidity regulation. Unfortunately, she didn't get in touch either.

 20 Jan 2020

Very good craftsmanship!

 19 Jan 2020

Great humidor!

 12 Jan 2020

Nice, simple and very well made. I received more for the money than I expected. A humidor guide in different languages is included, as well as dividers, two of which can be labeled. A 100 ml bottle of distilled water was also included. I can definitely recommend this humidor.

 12 Jan 2020

Great product that is exactly as described. Good and friendly client support by phone and email. I will become your customer. Thank you.

 02 Jan 2020

All excellent - the packaging and handling. Not a scratch, in perfect condition. Highly recommended.

 30 Dec 2019

Fast delivery. Carefully packaged. Very well presented and nicely finished. Contains dividers and a small bottle of humidifier solution (probably didn't need to buy the additional litre). Given as a gift, so the longer term performance is unknown but I anticipate it will work very well.

 30 Dec 2019

Parcel in good condition and delivered on time for Christmas.

 29 Dec 2019


 16 Dec 2019

Packaging, delivery without any complaints. The humidor lived up to its highest expectations.

 09 Dec 2019

Arrived without damage, works very well.

 28 Nov 2019

With adorini humidors price/performance is hard to beat. The quality is top. At HumidorDiscount, the digital hygrometer was a free upgrade and the delivery included a Davidoff cigar as an addition. Fast delivery, top product and best customer satisfaction with HumidorDiscount. Anytime again, my second humidor from HumidorDiscount.

 02 Nov 2019

Very nice design and top quality!

 18 Oct 2019

Everything was fine and great service!

 20 Sep 2019

Top condition, high quality and after seasoning as described ready for use after only 24 hours.

 15 Sep 2019

Very beautiful, understated and chic, well thought due to the magnetic supports and the dividers; it was a gift and the person loved it!

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