LV electronic humidificaton system XL for cabinets (DCH-60)

Le Veil XL Electronic Humidification System for Cabinets (DCH-67)

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Whether for a personal collection or commercial use, finding the best humidifier for cigars is an absolute priority. The LV XL Electronic Humidification System for cabinets is a humidifier you can trust to deliver optimal humidity control for your cigars, giving you all the information you need to ensure that your cigars are kept in prime condition and ready for action no matter the setting.

With the capacity to deliver consistent humidification for up to 55 cubic feet (1.6 m³) or up to 6000 cigars, the LV XL electronic humidifier for cabinets is loaded with features. At its heart, the humidifier has an electronic sensor and an extra-large water cartridge, which holds nearly 1.8 liters of water. These combine to offer up reliable humidity control that keeps cigars safely and consistently humidified.

You have the power of the rugged humidifier at hand with a separate control unit with backlit LCD digital readout. The current humidity level and temperature are displayed, as well as a 3-day average for each and the highs and lows during that time. This gives you exceptional insight into the actual condition of your cigars and the overall functionality of the humidor.

The device doesn’t just show you climate control, but it takes humidification to the next level by letting you adjust the humidity from 40% to 90% to hone in on your exact needs. Along with a low water alarm to let you know when it's time for a fill-up and adaptability for larger cigar collections, the LV XL is a potent tool for the ultimate preservation of your most cherished cigars.

Suitable for up to:
6000 cigars
Measurement mechanism:
Electronic sensor
EAN code:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
114 mm x 121 mm x 229 mm
ABS plastic
Interior sponge material:
Water tank
Item ID:

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 10% (2 Ratings)
 22 Sep 2014
Translated from original in German

Expensive, but good. Granted, the product I won't find anywhere

 10 Jul 2014
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It lacks any education

 08 Sep 2011

It arrived very quickly and provides excellent humidification for my cabinet humidor.

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