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adorini Cigar Heaven - 2nd generation

4.4 (199 Ratings)

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Adorini is renowned for exquisitely crafted humidors, as well as humidification devices, which are especially sought-after by cigar aficionados for their effectiveness in maintaining cigars at the optimal humidity. The Cigar Heaven electronic humidification system is the connoisseur’s choice found in some of the most prestigious cigar collections to be found anywhere on the globe.

The Cigar Heaven was chosen above all others as the official humidifier for the legendary Ramon Allones Perfectos Edicion Regional Suiza humidor and for Cohiba’s Festival de la Habanos humidor, which sold for a record 450 thousand euros. Whether for the rarest of cigar collections or solely for your favorite everyday cigars, the Cigar Heaven – 2nd Generation puts the very best in precision cigar humidification at your fingertips.

The calibratable device mounts to the lid of your humidor and is powered by a built-in Lithium-Ion battery, which holds a charge for up to four weeks. A low-battery alarm removes any thought of when to recharge, while a low water level alarm lets you know when it is time to add water to the reservoir, which can contain enough water to last approximately two months.

An exacting capacitive sensor works in unison with the individually adjustable humidity settings to provide precision humidity control ranging from 40 to 80 percent relative humidity. An LCD screen displays current humidity and temperature settings as well as minimum and maximum humidity levels. The LCD screen also displays a 3-day average of the humidity level, ensuring that you will always have an accurate measurement of the actual condition of your cigars.

Ideally suited for a broad array of tabletop humidors and smaller cabinet humidors, the Cigar Heaven offers you the knowledge that your cigars will always be safe and secure in an optimal environment. For that kind of peace of mind, the Cigar Heaven will prove a most rewarding investment.

EAN code:
Interior humidifier material:
Measurement mechanism:
High accuracy capacitive sensor
Dimensions (H x W x D):
29 mm x 102 mm x 184 mm
Made of:
ABS plastic
Temperature units:
Celsius & Fahrenheit
Product weight:
366 g
Humidity accuracy:
Suitable for up to:
300 cigars

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.4/5   (199 Ratings)
 64% (127 Ratings)
 24% (48 Ratings)
 6% (12 Ratings)
 1% (2 Ratings)
 5% (10 Ratings)
 08 Jul 2023

At the beginning you have to fiddle a bit until everything fits. But then it works well.

 07 Oct 2022

Easy to use. The video on the product page was very helpful during set-up.

 31 May 2022


 07 Jan 2022


 30 May 2021

Easy to use

 22 May 2021

I am very satisfied.

 02 Feb 2021

Great product!

 03 Jan 2020

Very reliable and fast delivery. The device corresponds to the description!!

 29 Oct 2019

It is possible to adjust the openings and thus adapt it to the size of the humidor. It is quiet and functional.

 14 Jun 2019

Works well even for smaller humidors. Great customer service (I had forgotten my house number in the delivery address), fast delivery, everything perfect!

 21 Mar 2019

The red charging LED lights up at the same time as the green but otherwise nothing to complain, very good product! My cigars are happy it shows!

 03 Jan 2019

If you treat this correctly it is the best humidifier you can buy. I would recommend getting two for optimal conditions.

 20 Dec 2018

Great product.

 29 Jun 2018

A little expensive but worth it. Finally I will only have to look after my humidor but very rarely. The product meets all the characteristics mentioned.

 21 May 2018

I'm waiting for my Cigar Heaven to arrive before I can make an assessment. The 4 stars are for now based only on trust.

 02 May 2018

Great product, very easy to activate. The fact that an alarm signal warns you when the battery is low and when the sponge has to be moistened again, is very comfortable.

 14 Aug 2017

The shipment was fast and arrived at my address with a perfect packaging. The product is perfect, it works fine. Recommended.

 10 Aug 2017

Meets all expectations, delivered on time.

 03 Jun 2017

Perfect, easy to use, it works fine.

 03 Jun 2017

Great buy. Fast and accurate delivery, no problem for now!

 01 Jun 2017

Arrived all intact and perfectly on time; Thanks, see you soon

 06 Sep 2016

I cannot rate the product since I did not received it yet.

 19 May 2016

Very satisfied, excellent value for money.

 04 Apr 2015

very precise, I'm still testing it, but it's really a super gadget!

 23 Jun 2014

this is the second adorini cigar heaven that I'm buying from you. I thinks that means quite a lot regarding the product and your services!

 27 May 2014

Perfect, no surprise

 30 Apr 2014

The humidifier works very well, unfortunately it has arrived with the hygrometer calibrated to 5% less and with a broken little bar to open and close the fan (not a serious problem because I can still open and close it with a pen, and otherwise once the moisture has stabilized I don't need to move it). Rated 4 stars for these two imperfections, for ther rest it seems working good, I really hope so.

 16 Apr 2014

good product, total satisfaction

 12 Apr 2014

Fast delivery and runs flawlessly, I'm very satisfied

 02 Apr 2014

Good size, electronic system seems to be accurate and efficient.

 05 Mar 2014

Adorini cigar great heaven perfectly regulates the humidity in my humidor venezia large deluxe. Digital display can be read without effort. Humidity also averaged over three days, the temperature perfect. Only downside: adhesive not strong enough to keep the humidifier on the cover.

 13 Feb 2014

very good product.

 15 Jan 2014

Some scratches on the humidifier.

 08 Jan 2014

Its not possible to mount it as the instructin says because the glue loses strengt after two days and the humidifier falls down on the cigars, otherwise its very good.

 08 Jan 2014


 09 Aug 2013

Works perfectly even in bit bigger humidor

 15 Jan 2013

A super thing, the product is fine, thank you.

 04 Jan 2013

I'm very satisfied with the product itself. However, as there is no instruction manual in Japanese, I'm a little worried when I have some problems.

 03 Jan 2013

It works perfectly

 20 Nov 2012

Excellent product. It's exactly like in description.

 01 Jul 2012

Very efficient - easy to use !

 05 May 2012

Device was delivered three days after ordering. Impeccable works

 29 Apr 2012

great product for proper cigar storage, recommended!

 29 Feb 2012

Attachment could be improved, such as magnetic, etc. so that the device without problems into a new (different) can be rearranged humidor.

 28 Jan 2012

Good quality product

 24 Dec 2011

Works perfectly, unfortunately, something big for my humidor. But great value for money.

 22 Dec 2011

The electric cable was faulty but was quickly replaced.

 22 Dec 2011

The delivery and subsequent delivery of the possibly defective cable worked very well.

 20 Dec 2011

Humidification system very efficient.

 20 Dec 2011

All the best, happy again

 19 Dec 2011

Everthing about it is great! Good space for both boxes and cigars. Really affordable!

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