Adorini Humidifier Deluxe silver Adorini Humidifier Deluxe silver Adorini Humidifier Deluxe silver Adorini Humidifier Deluxe silver Adorini Humidifier Deluxe silver Adorini Humidifier Deluxe silver
Adorini Humidifier Deluxe silver

adorini Deluxe Humidifier Silver

4.6 (38 Ratings)

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Adorini is a brand renowned for its vast collection of high-quality humidors, which cigar connoisseurs around the world have come to trust for keeping their most treasured cigars. At the heart of this esteemed reputation is a commitment to using the finest materials, delivering the very best in craftsmanship and overall reliability. There is no better example of this passion for all-around quality than the now-legendary adorini Deluxe Humidifier.

Delivering high-powered humidity control for some of the finest humidors on the planet, this reliable humidifier is built around high-tech acryl polymer fleece, which is ideal for cigar humidification. Not only does this German-made material provide greater stability and faster adjustment to variations in humidity, but it also is capable of holding more water than its own volume. This makes for consistent and extremely efficient humidification, so your cigars are always primed and ready to be enjoyed.

A hard ABS plastic outer shell provides a long-lasting protective barrier for the fleece contained within, while a silver-plated front panel adds elegance and style. While humidity control has been optimized for cigar humidors, you can adjust the humidity to find your ideal level thanks to moveable ventilation openings on the face of the humidifier. This gives you more of the flexibility for which the designers at adorini have become so revered.

Whether installing in a new humidor or simply upgrading your current humidification device, the humidifier comes with everything you need to mount to almost any standard size humidor with a capacity of up to 150 cigars. Have a larger quantity of cigars? No worries, just add multiple humidifiers to your extra-large humidor to get all the coverage you need.

The Deluxe Humidifier Silver from adorini is a classic that you can always count on to deliver the very best in humidity control. This trusty accessory also comes in a convenient gift box, making it the perfect way to treat that special cigar connoisseur.

Adorini Deluxe Features

  • Deluxe feature image

    Hygrometer and humidifier fixed with magnet to invisible metal plate under wood veneer

  • Deluxe feature image

    Silver plated acryl polymer based Adorini Deluxe humidifier with adjustable ventilation openings for an optimum regulation of the humidity level

EAN code:
Product weight:
230 g
Interior humidifier material:
Acryl polymer fleece
Suitable for up to:
150 cigars
Dimensions (H x W x D):
21 mm x 74 mm x 158 mm
Made of:
ABS plastic

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 4.6/5   (38 Ratings)
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 24 Apr 2024

Good quality

 13 Jan 2023

Efficient "end-to-end" processing! Thank you for the flawless delivery!

 12 Mar 2020

Excellent product, very well finished

 02 Jan 2019

Looks very good!!!

 07 Nov 2015

Corresponding to description, functioning

 29 Dec 2013

Installed a new humidor, Adorini humidifier keeps the humidification constant between 71 and 74%, great!

 25 Dec 2012

I am satisfied with the products I have purchased, and congratulations for the excellent service

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