adorini Cedro L - Deluxe Large Humidor adorini Cedro L - Deluxe Large Humidor
adorini Cedro L - Deluxe Large Humidor

adorini Cedro L - Deluxe Large Humidor

4,9 (39 Ratings)

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Adorini’s expert designers continuously strive to out-do themselves, creating products that satisfy the need for style as well as peace of mind. This passion for delivering the very best has indeed been put into the beautifully crafted adorini Cedro L Deluxe Humidor. Looking as though it were carved out of a single piece of cedar, this humidor represents the very pinnacle of design artistry and everyday functionality.

The natural real cedar wood veneer provides an exceptional scratch-resistant finish that is smooth and silky to the touch. The eye-catching humidor is also loaded with adorini’s popular deluxe features, including a Spanish cedar veneer lining and a pullout tray with AirVent design, an adorini innovation, for enhanced circulation. An acryl polymer based Deluxe gold-plated humidifier with adjustable ventilation openings for added humidity control and a pre-calibrated precision hair hygrometer are both held securely in place by magnets and a metal plate hidden underneath the cedar lining. This delivers the optimal environment for your cigars while allowing you to fine-tune humidity to best fit your preferences.

The innovative surprises don’t end there, however, as the humidor also features adorini’s RibTech ventilation ribs, which further improve air circulation, ensuring every single cigar receives just the right humidification. Vertical and horizontal dividers, along with divider label clips, are also included to make it easier than ever to keep up to 150 Corona-size cigars organized.

With a strong corpus for long-lasting stability, felt bottom and reliable hand-polished quadrant hinges, as well as a lock and key set, the Cedro L Deluxe humidor offers a durable and secure storage space ideal for almost any décor. The exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design, along with adorini’s famous lifetime warranty, ensures this elegant and fully functional creation will perfectly preserve your treasures and do it in style for many years to come.

Capacity for up to 150 corona cigars.

Calculate online how many of your favorite cigars will fit into the humidor
Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage
Exterior finish:
Included dividers:
Number of trays:
Lock and key to close the humidor:
Material of humidor case:
Material inside veneer:
Extra strong steamed spanish cedar with ventilation ribs
Material exterior veneer:
Spanish cedar
Dimensions (H x W x D):
134 mm x 191 mm x 316 mm
Inner dimensions (H x W x D)
316 mm x 191 mm x 134 mm
Inner length of tray:
310 mm
Inner width of tray:
175 mm
Inner height of tray:
22 mm
Adorini life-time warranty
Item ID:
EAN code:

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 4.9/5   (39Ratings)
 87% (34 Ratings)
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 11 Aug 2020

10/10 customer service!

 31 Jul 2020
Translated from original in Italian

Large and capacious humidor, especially for those who are just starting out and want some space to fill without hurry. Excellent finish. Small problem with the corner supports for the tray, promptly replaced without problems. The service was excellent and everyone was very friendly! Really first-class!

 07 May 2020
Translated from original in French

Very beautiful cellar of high quality! Arrival very well protected and no problem of deterioration due to transport. Small flat nevertheless! The color of my cellar and that of the photo on the site are very different! Only small regret because I prefer the one in the photo...

 16 Dec 2019
Translated from original in Italian

All perfect, excellent quality, made with precision.

 21 Jul 2019
Translated from original in German

Closes well, but not perfectly. Therefore 4 stars.

 14 Jul 2019
Translated from original in Italian

Perfect. Impeccable service and politeness. I'm really happy with my purchase and the fact that there are still reliable and competent people!

 23 Jun 2019

Best value for money humidor. Excellent quality and workmanship. Highly recommended even with eyes closed.

 20 Oct 2018
Translated from original in French


 13 Mar 2015
Translated from original in French

The humidor matches what I wanted to receive. It is beautiful and functional. It perfectly keeps my cigars at 72% ... All I expect from such a product.

 27 Feb 2015
Translated from original in French

Beautiful cedar cigar humidor was a gift for Valentine's Day. My husband loved it! Customer service was available to answer questions and quick delivery.

 15 Jan 2015
Translated from original in Swedish

Everything was as promised. Keeps moisture extremely smooth. Very pleased with all the ordering to live.

 13 Jan 2015
Translated from original in German

Beautiful cellar, no complaints!

 14 Nov 2014
Translated from original in French

Superb humidor, excellent quality, unbeatable quality for the money. I recommend it.

 12 Aug 2014
Translated from original in Russian


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