Adorini cigar humidor humidifier deluxe Adorini cigar humidor humidifier deluxe Adorini cigar humidor humidifier deluxe Adorini cigar humidor humidifier deluxe Adorini cigar humidor humidifier deluxe Adorini cigar humidor humidifier deluxe
Adorini cigar humidor humidifier deluxe

adorini Deluxe Humidor Humidifier

4.5 (476 Ratings)

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Adorini has long been a favorite source for all the cigar storage and humidification needs of cigar lovers around the globe. Some of the most indispensable tools found throughout adorini’s vast catalog of humidors and accessories are adorini’s humidification devices. And none is perhaps as legendary as adorini’s Deluxe Humidor Humidifier.

This humidification device has a 24K gold-plated aluminum front that joins a durable ABS outer shell to provide an attractive, yet rugged humidifier capable of humidifying up to 150 cigars. This distinctively designed exterior shelters an acryl polymer-based fleece, which brings precision and flexibility to the humidification process. Made in Germany, the high-tech polymers deliver higher stability and quicker response to humidity fluctuations to ensure your cigars will be preserved in an optimal climate throughout any humidity variations.

Humidity is further fine-tuned by the gold-plated outer panel’s ventilation openings, which can be adjusted to better suit your preferred humidity levels. The humidifier’s self-regulating and antibacterial properties mean you don’t need to add any specialized humidifying solutions. Just add distilled water and after five minutes, shake it, dry it and install it. That’s it! Installing is as easy as can be with this humidifier’s mounting plates, whether you are using it with one of adorini’s deluxe humidors or any of a wide variety of other humidor types. Have a larger humidor with more than 150 cigars? Just combine the power of multiple humidifiers to achieve just the right humidity needed for all your cigars.

With its robust design, advanced materials, versatility, and ease of maintenance, the Deluxe Humidor humidifier from adorini offers maximum humidity control for your cigar collection, letting you spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your favorite smokes. A gift box is also included, making the humidifier a fantastic gift for any cigar enthusiast!

230 g
Made of:
ABS plastic
EAN code:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
21 mm x 74 mm x 158 mm
Desiged for humidors with capacity up to:
150 cigars
Interior sponge material:
Acryl polymer fleece

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.5/5   (476 Ratings)
 67% (317 Ratings)
 24% (116 Ratings)
 5% (26 Ratings)
 3% (12 Ratings)
 1% (5 Ratings)
 03 May 2022

Fully satisfied with the product. Arrived in perfect condition. Quick and efficient installation. It must be said that I have 2 humidifiers with the same system, which makes things much easier.

 01 Jan 2022

Fair price, fast delivery, I recommend it to everyone.

 05 Nov 2020

Received parcel in very good condition Quite what I wanted.

 29 Nov 2019


 28 May 2019


 23 May 2019

Came in great shape and as described, but no instructions.

 28 Mar 2019

Very neat product, thanks.

 08 Sep 2018

Very good humidifier to replace an old one. Too bad that the solution is not provided with.

 15 May 2018

Nice product that meets my expectations.

 20 Apr 2018

Keeps the humidity very well for 50 to 80 Robustos.

 02 Dec 2017

Beautifully packaged quality item

 11 May 2015

Very good buy

 17 Apr 2015

The humidifier is very well made and perfectly fulfills its role. Definitely recommended.

 19 Mar 2015

Dent on the cover

 08 Mar 2015

Very satisfied

 06 Feb 2015

Perhaps in spite of the apparent simplicity of its use a notice giving some advice would have been welcome.

 02 Feb 2015

Great product quality inside and out. 100% recommendable.

 02 Feb 2015

Just have instructions to fill the humidifier. Thanks.

 28 Nov 2014

With careful checking it is a humidifier for a small humidor.

 19 Oct 2014

Tip Top temp steady east you walk three barie

 17 Aug 2014

Best humidifier ever: got 3 and I'm extremely happy

 10 Aug 2014

Neatly packaged and works fine.

 24 Jul 2014

Super, thank you

 15 May 2014

Humidifier works, no problem humidity.

 24 Apr 2014

Does the job perfectly. Very good product. But here is no guide as well, which seems to be the case for most products of Adorini.

 22 Apr 2014

very good service

 20 Mar 2014

Impeccable! 71% RH. Recommendation

 19 Mar 2014

Good price / quality ratio

 16 Mar 2014

humidifier seems very good and easy to use.

 05 Feb 2014

A very nice product

 04 Feb 2014

very good product .. only flaw when removed several months for the rewetting behind sticky tape becomes inactive

 01 Feb 2014

Very satisfied!

 31 Jan 2014


 26 Jan 2014

Everything TOP

 20 Jan 2014

everything perfect and arrived in no time at all precise great!

 06 Jan 2014

very good for this price

 20 Dec 2013

Fast delivery and well packed product.

 15 Aug 2013

It's my second deluxe humidor humidifier. I'm very satisfied with it. I'll buy it again for sure.

 10 Aug 2013

Very nice and convenient, especially for the adjustable vents. Also includes a metal plate with an adhesive tape to stick to the lid of the humidor, allowing to stick and remove the humidifier by using its magnets.

 09 Aug 2013

very good product

 24 Jan 2013

Excellent product

 17 Jan 2013


 17 Jan 2013

It really works. And in addition it's nice.

 16 Jan 2013

Very nice product. Manufacturing quality beyond reproach. Setting the ventilation openings is a nice touch.

 15 Jan 2013

Great I already knew the product

 07 Oct 2012

Exactly the product I was looking for.

 27 Aug 2012

This is a very solid unit

 12 Aug 2012

Well made.

 19 Jun 2012

Great product, in quality, appearance and function.

 27 May 2012

no metal plate to paste in order to magnetize the humidor humidifier when you do not have a cellar adorini. damage

 26 May 2012

Great Humidor, it's impressive how crystals become waterlogged. Be careful not to over humidify at the beginning if crystals "emerge" from the humidifier. Big plus: the adjustable grid that regulates the opening of the humidifier.

 11 May 2012

Very well

 28 Apr 2012

they are a little bit heavy but they are great.

 15 Mar 2012

Perfect and functional! I suggest buying.

 04 Mar 2012

Great product!

 28 Feb 2012

Excellent work.

 23 Feb 2012

Great product!

 23 Feb 2012

Nice design and good quality

 20 Feb 2012

I am very pleased with my purchase

 17 Jan 2012

Well-known product , I renew my satisfaction.

 10 Nov 2011

Superior quality humidifier very functional and easy both to install than to use, great choice, I recommended it.

 20 Sep 2011

I was impressed by the building materials. We all know that plastics are widely used in the construction of objects, but there are different types of compounds. -Assembly and materials are excellent. It is the best advertising you can make, offer products of good quality always pays. Congratulations.

 13 Sep 2011

In perfect conditions and really nice.

 11 Sep 2011

Good product.

 03 Sep 2011

Great humidifier, runs for several weeks. You can easily control the amount of humidity with the sliding "door".

 24 Feb 2011

I got a humidifier luxury Adorini quickly, but was one of the magnets off the humidifier: a pity!

 22 Dec 2010

Still not updated in your product catalog (for future orders) thank you

 25 Nov 2010

very beautiful and powerful humidifier

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