adorini Double Punch Leather Case Black

adorini Double Punch Leather Case Black

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Adorini’s Double Cigar Punch – Solingen Blade is an ideal cutter for those on the go, and what better way to keep that precision tool in prime working order than with adorini’s protective Double Cigar Punch Leather Case!

The real leather case is crafted especially for the Double Cigar Punch cutter and features alluring deep grained black leather and strong stitching for durability. The cutter easily moves in and out of the case, while still offering a snug fit and lasting protection no matter where your travels take you. You can even keep your Double Cigar Punch cutter attached to your keys! The cutter’s keyring will remain accessible while the cutter is safely tucked inside the leather case. This keeps your cutter in pristine condition and removes any worry of scratching, dinging or otherwise damaging your cutter or items in its vicinity.

This high-quality leather case from adorini provides a bit of insurance for your adorini-branded Double Cigar Punch cutter so you can focus on better enjoying each of your favorite cigars. Pair the Double Cigar Punch Leather Case with your punch cutter today and treat yourself to a little peace of mind that only adorini could bring!

Dimensions (H x W x D):
70 mm x 40 mm x 2 mm
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