Adorini Jet-flame lighter - black Adorini Jet-flame lighter - black Adorini Jet-flame lighter - black Adorini Jet-flame lighter - black Adorini Jet-flame lighter - black Adorini Jet-flame lighter - black
Adorini Jet-flame lighter - black

adorini Jet Lighter Black

4.4 (304 Ratings)

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While cigar lighter options are plentiful, finding one that delivers a reliable flame every time it is called upon to spark up your cigars, is another story. There is perhaps nothing more frustrating for cigar lovers than being ready to enjoy a most treasured smoke only to have a lighter falter and ruin the moment. There is one lighter, however, which has garnered a reputation for always rising to the occasion: The adorini Jet Lighter Black.

With an astonishingly high rate of success, this bestseller is one of the most reliable butane lighters on the market and an ideal companion, whether at home, at the office or on the go. This timeless classic features a powerful, wind-resistant jet flame that will have you enjoying cigars with ease in almost any climate. A protective cover keeps the igniter clear of debris and is easily flipped open when it's time to set flame to a cigar, which is done with just a quick press of a button conveniently placed on the side of the lighter for greater comfort and ease of operation.

One of six available colors, the adorini Jet Lighter Black is crafted around a sturdy stainless-steel body ideally suited for the rigors of everyday use.  Adorned with an alluringly black front and back sides, as well as chrome-plated accents, the lighter exudes a most sophisticated look ideal for any occasion.

The lighter also features not one, but two integrated cigar punch cutters which fold out from the side of the lighter to give you the option of super-sharp 6 mm and 9 mm diameter blades for cutting a broad range of cigar sizes. With this versatility and incredible reliability, it is no wonder this fuel-efficient tool is adorini’s number one selling lighter. Upgrade your lighter purchase today to include a protective leather case especially designed to keep the adorini Jet Lighter in pristine condition.

Stainless steel
Integrated multiple cigar punch
14 mm
66 mm
Flame type:
Jet flame
EAN code:

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.4/5   (304 Ratings)
 58% (177 Ratings)
 28% (84 Ratings)
 8% (24 Ratings)
 3% (10 Ratings)
 3% (9 Ratings)
 12 Feb 2022

Very good, not disappointed!

 08 Sep 2020

Lighter slightly defective. I must be out of luck as a friend ordered the same one which is just perfect.

 12 May 2020

Nickel. Too bad the lighter is not offered with gas.

 17 Nov 2019

Stylish and working well!!

 06 Jul 2019

This lighter is good contrary to the opinions of different customers. Take into account that the product is sent empty of gas. Once filled, it works very well.

 31 May 2019

Excellent product.

 24 Dec 2017

It doesn't work!

 11 Jun 2016

Simple and efficient.

 13 Jul 2015


 24 Apr 2015

What a beautiful little lighter!

 14 Sep 2014

With the two bullet cigar cutters included on the same object, so all you just need to do is smoke

 12 Sep 2014

Excellent product and no problem with the shipment.

 07 Sep 2014

The lighter is light and very pleasant to use

 26 Jul 2014

Works randomly ...

 18 Jul 2014

very good product, perfectly matches my expectations

 11 Jul 2014

very well

 04 Jul 2014


 27 Jun 2014


 22 May 2014

Good quality, works perfectly.

 03 Apr 2014

Great lighter.

 29 Jan 2014

Lighter needed several tries until it works!!

 02 Dec 2013


 21 Nov 2013

No particular comment: beautiful object, but the problem of cigar lighters remains the same: too frequent loading.

 08 Sep 2013

good product, against charging is a bit random, you can not see the filling.

 16 Aug 2013

stable, good material, is recommended

 14 Aug 2013

Works really well and fits easy in the pocket with very little weight. A must have.

 12 Aug 2013

Beautiful and functional, even if the black lateral bulkheads, are very delicate and easily scratched. Still a great product!

 07 Aug 2013

It works really well. Very heavy giving you an idea of quality. It's also very nice!

 10 Dec 2012

I was already satisfied with the first model that I bought. This will be a gift. Handy with integrated punch. Nice finish. product quality.

 22 Oct 2012

Excellent product, very good quality at a reasonable price

 20 Aug 2012

The lighter is great, just missing a charge indicator

 07 Jun 2012

claudio: Fast shipping and as described, I am very satisfied with the products purchased, congratulations to humidordiscount "the lighter is beautiful"

 02 Jun 2012

It works perfectly thanks

 25 May 2012


 26 Apr 2012

It works well .... Perhaps a little bit too heavy but still a good purchase.

 25 Mar 2012

Great lighter! And looks really good.

 13 Mar 2012

As desired, excellent.

 17 Feb 2012


 03 Feb 2012

Build quality is fine and the lighter is functionally good.

 03 Jan 2012

Perfect lighter, but I missing filling indicator.

 08 Oct 2011

Good quality / price ratio.

 03 Oct 2011

works great

 22 Sep 2011

Beautiful lighter but without indication of the gas quantity

 20 Sep 2011

Nice design work, top, gas is not supplied

 08 Sep 2011

A little heavy for my taste to keep in your pocket but effective

 26 Jul 2011

Would be a good idea to make it clear the lighter comes with no gas (having thought about it I assume it has to do with safety during transit) and provide option to add gas.

 23 Jun 2011

Beautiful and functional.

 09 May 2011

Quality lighter!

 22 Apr 2011

Okay, quick, very satisfied with the product and delivery. Thank you

 27 Dec 2010

and excellent

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