Caseti Cannes Lighter Chrome

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Caseti has become a popular choice for cigar lovers looking for lighters that are both functional and stylish, offering a touch of luxury without the luxurious price tag. A great example of Caseti's versatile creations is the Caseti Cannes Lighter.

The Caseti Cannes Lighter Chrome is a sleek and slender lighter dressed in an elegant silver and chrome finish. The lighter truly stands out with a grid pattern over the front and back that is both modern and sophisticated in style.

As good as the lighter looks, it is even easier to operate. With just a simple sliding motion of the thumb, the protective cover opens, and a piezoelectric sparking mechanism ignites a traditional soft flame. One smooth and easy motion is all it takes. A metal cover over the bottom of the lighter keeps the flame adjustment wheel and fuel refill valve clean and clear of debris.

Beautifully designed and expertly crafted, the Caseti Cannes Lighter is a modern-day classic that offers all the style and functionality you need to stay ahead of the curve. Do not settle for just any old source of fire, light up with flair with your new Caseti lighter.
Gas level window: No
Brand: Caseti
Made of: Metal
Special features: None
Flames: 1
EAN code: 4031872281316
Color: Silver
Flame type: Soft flame
Optimized for pipe smokers: No
Gas: Butane gas
Item ID: 28131

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