Davidoff Humidor Primos Bergahorn

Davidoff Humidor Primos Bergahorn


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If you are in search of a visually stunning luxury humidor for your home or office that will also deliver impeccable humidity control, then look no further than the superbly crafted offerings of Davidoff of Geneva. Renowned for their quality and alluring designs, Davidoff humidors are sought out by sophisticated cigar lovers everywhere. For those wanting a smaller desktop humidor, the Davidoff Primos Maple is a favorite.

This alluring treasure features a matte exterior of sycamore maple, which is a wood favored by many violin makers for its beauty and acoustic qualities. The bright natural finish combined with flattened edges evokes an eye-catching modern look that is sure to grab everyone’s attention. Strong quadrant hinges raise the lid to unveil an interior of African okoume. This wood has specifically been selected for its lightness and durability, as well as for its lack of aroma. With no other scents, your cigars better retain their original tobacco notes providing for the experience the cigar makers intended.

This interior provides the ideal environment for up to 25 to 35 cigars, which are protected by Davidoff’s self-regulating humidifier. Attached to the underside of the lid with magnets, this device is optimized to maintain humidity consistently in the 70 to 72 percent range. So, you never have to worry about the condition of your cigars. This amazing humidifier does its job so well that you won’t ever need a hygrometer! When on occasion you need to fill the humidifier, just use the included pipette for quick and precise filling. You can better organize those perfectly humidified cigars with the four included dividers.

Opulence, modernity, uniqueness, and functionality have all converged on the Davidoff Primos Maple, making for a genuine crowd-pleaser that will give your cigars the protection they deserve and add a most pleasing sophistication to any room.

Exterior finish:
Included dividers:
Lock and key to close the humidor:
Material inside veneer:
Cedar wood
Dimensions (H x W x D):
115 mm x 280 mm x 240 mm
2600 g
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EAN code:
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