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Dunhill is one of the cigar and pipe tobacco world’s most prestigious names. With an eye on contemporary style and English refinement that is firmly rooted in the traditions set forth by founder Alfred Dunhill, Dunhill products have become a rite of passage for all those who share a love of luxurious quality and sophistication.

The Dunhill Story
When a young Alfred Dunhill took over his father's saddlery business in the 1890s, he shifted the focus of the firm to concentrate on accessories for a then fairly recent invention, the automobile. The business was a tremendous success. One accessory, in particular, took on a life all its own, an innovative wind-resistant pipe for automobile drivers.

The popularity of this windshield pipe eventually led Dunhill to open a full-service tobacco shop in 1907. Here discerning smokers could procure customized tobacco blends and select from the world's finest cigars. Dunhill expanded his range of pipes and added the now-famous white spot trademark. This mark became the signature of Dunhill's commitment to excellence, a mark that endures to this very day.
Dunhill would become the official tobacco purveyor to England's Edward VIII, the Prince of Wales, King George VI, Winston Churchill, and countless others of England's social and political elite. As Dunhill's prestige grew, more game-changing innovations followed.

Dunhill published The Pipe Book in 1924, which helped to reestablish pipe smoking as a gentlemanly pursuit. He unveiled the stylish Dunhill Unique lighter, one of the first lighters that could be operated with just one hand. Dunhill also became one of the first to offer reliable butane-fueled lighters. Numerous Dunhill-exclusive cigars emerged to become aficionado favorites.

Alfred Dunhill finally retired from the business in 1928, leaving day-to-day operations in the hands of his son Alfred Henry and other members of the Dunhill family. They would guide the family firm through the turbulent years of World War II and beyond.

A famous example of the sense of duty and dedication to Alfred Dunhill's legacy shared by Dunhill family members and employees alike came during Germany's bombing of London. During one of the many air raids of 1941, the Dunhill tobacco shop was destroyed. Before the German bomb struck the shop, so the legend goes, a Dunhill employee had the foresight to relocate a customer's private stock of cigars to a safer location. And so, it came to be that Winston Churchill's cigars were saved from destruction.

While it took decades for the shop to be completely restored, it didn't take long for Dunhill to be open for business. With nothing more than a table, a box of pipes and a chair, Alfred Henry Dunhill set up shop at the site just days after the bombing to offer patrons and neighbors a much-needed sense of normalcy.

The post-war years would see the rise of Richard Dunhill to the CEO of the company his grandfather had built. A new global identity would take hold, with new Dunhill stores spreading to cities around the world. These exciting times would see the introduction of Dunhill's iconic Rollagas lighter and the legendary Dunhill cigarette brand. In 1962 Dunhill began its long association with the James Bond movie franchise by supplying the lighter that helped introduce Sean Connery as James Bond to the world.

Highly prized Cuban-made Dunhill cigars, along with subsequent Dunhill-branded cigars from the Canary Islands, Dominican Republic, and Honduras, helped solidify Dunhill as the premier choice for modern cigar connoisseurs. Steeped all at once in history, tradition, innovation, prestige and culture, Dunhill continues to lead the way in luxurious style. From classic cigar humidors and leather goods to cutting edge lighter designs, Dunhill is simply the cream of the crop.

The Dunhill Line-up
While many of today's cigar and pipe tobacco accessory makers are looking to make a splash with bold colors and wild designs, Dunhill holds true to its English character, offering products that are highly sophisticated yet luxuriously refined.

Each heirloom-quality Dunhill cigar humidor features impeccable craftsmanship and a pleasing finished look from the minimalist exteriors to the precision-crafted interiors. Dunhill’s tried and true humidification system has long been a favorite with cigar lovers. The humidifiers are easy to maintain and deliver reliable humidity control you can trust to keep your cigars in perfect shape.

Beautiful in design and even more impressive in functionality, Dunhill humidors are ideal for the cigar aficionado, who values understated elegance and reliability above all else.


Dunhill's legendary lighters have been at the forefront of design since the 1920s, and there are perhaps no other lighter makers that better blend form and function. Whether the classic Dunhill Unique, the famous Dunhill Rollagas or modern torch lighters, Dunhill delivers on Alfred Dunhill's mission to blend luxury, beauty, and reliability.

Cigar Cases
The simple design and exquisite construction of Dunhill cigar cases make them favorites of the most discerning of cigar enthusiasts. Using the finest genuine leather, cases such as Dunhill’s Case for two Coronas in Terracotta will have you arriving in elegant style anywhere you go.

Cigar Cutters
Classic designs with cutting-edge materials make for cutters that reliably cut your cigars with precision each and every time. The Dunhill Cigar Punch is a great example of Dunhill's ability to blend luxury with functionality.

Pipes and Pipe Accessories
Dunhill pipes are the very epitome of class and quality. Only the highest grade of briar is used to create these extraordinary creations. Any pipe with Dunhill's famous "white spot" serves as the benchmark for which all other pipes are judged. Add any of Dunhill's expertly crafted humidors, pipe cases, pipe tools and other accessories to the mix, and you will be at the top of your game.

Be a Part of the Legacy
With a timeless design and a tradition of excellence, Dunhill is one of only a few premier brands in the world today that you can wholly rely upon for quality and reliability. If you want to make a splash, Dunhill may not be for you. But if you want a luxurious, understated character, Dunhill is for you.

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