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Jemar Humidor Rainbow Collection White

Jemar Humidor Rainbow Collection White

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The Jemar Humidor from the Rainbow Collection is an elegant and modern storage solution for cigars in radiant white. With its glossy body, this white humidor adds aesthetic accents and harmoniously blends into any environment.

The humidor is made of high-quality Lebanese cedar wood, known for its excellent moisture-regulating properties. The cedar wood provides optimal conditions for storing and aging cigars while emitting a pleasant aroma. The Jemar humidor is manufactured by a renowned Spanish company with production facilities in Italy. This combination of Spanish expertise and Italian craftsmanship guarantees the highest quality and meticulous craftsmanship.

The hinges of the humidor are made of stainless steel from Germany, which speaks to their durability and reliability. They enable smooth opening and closing of the humidor while adding a touch of elegance.
This Jemar humidor is equipped with an electronic hygrometer that accurately measures the humidity inside and allows for precise control. A passive humidifier is also included to maintain the ideal humidity and keep the cigars in perfect condition.

Another practical feature of the humidor is the vertical divider, which allows for the separation of the interior space. This enables storing different cigar formats or brands separately for optimal organization. The bottom of the humidor is covered with felt to protect your furniture from scratches or damage. So you can safely place the humidor and move it as needed without worrying about unwanted marks.

The Jemar humidor in radiant white combines aesthetics, quality, and functionality in an outstanding product. It is the perfect choice for cigar enthusiasts who want to stylishly store their valuable cigars.

Acryl polymer crystals
Equipped with hygrometer:
Digital hygrometer
Exterior finish:
Included dividers:
Lock and key to close the humidor:
Material inside veneer:
Cedar wood
280 mm
220 mm
110 mm
Inner length:
245 mm
Inner width:
180 mm
Inner height:
65 mm
1895 g
EAN code:
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