Siglo Bullet Cutter AC Glossy Black


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Whether you are tired of carrying bulky cutters around or you have a hard time keeping track of your cutters, keyring punch cutters are the answer. Yet many of these are lacking in the quality of both form and function. That’s where the Siglo Bullet Cutter steps in to save the day.

Ideal for the discerning aficionado on the go, the Siglo Bullet Cutter AC Glossy Black features a unique tapered design that was inspired by a bullet. The cutter is crafted of brass and alloy that joins with a glossy black finish for a most intriguing look of sophistication.

A sturdy keyring makes it easy to keep the cutter close, without taking up a lot of pocket space. An internal locking mechanism inside of the cutter keeps a circular blade safe and secure until it’s time to cut your cigar. With just a quick turn of the outer shell, the blade emerges to deliver a precision punch cut. When you are finished, just twist until the blade is once again hidden from view. It’s that simple.

With its ease-of-use and elegant design, the Siglo Bullet Cutter is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy cigars and travel in impeccable style. The included protective velvet bag and gift box will make it a great gift for that special someone.
Cutter type: Cigar punch
Material: Metal
Color: Black/Chrome
Brand: Siglo

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