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Siglo Humidor M size 75 cards Image 2

Siglo Humidor M size 75 cards


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When it comes to the finest Cuban cigars, Siglo is a term synonymous with quality, expert construction and refined taste. There is no better place to keep your most treasured cigars than an expertly crafted humidor from the Siglo collection. The highly versatile medium-sized Siglo M 75 series delivers reliable humidity control for your cigar collection and does it with style.

The Siglo Humidor M 75 Cards is a limited-edition humidor that will have you feeling like you hit the jackpot. Its glossy ivory white lacquer finish is tastefully adorned with each of the four playing card suits. This box is designed for flexibility, ideal for storing playing cards and poker chips. Great for fun-filled poker nights with friends and cigars.

The humidor features a sturdy construction aided by thick walls and heavy-duty hinges that make for a smooth opening and closing motion. With its Spanish cedar lining and dividers, the humidor provides the perfect resting place for up to 75 Corona-size cigars. You will have optimal control over the humidor’s environment thanks to the included Siglo humidifier and digital hygrometer, each dressed in elegantly designed patterns. Finishing it off is a silver lock and key set that provides extra security and a splash of sophistication.

The Siglo Humidor M 75 series is a winning choice that delivers a stylish yet robust humidity control solution. The humidor will add a most distinctive flair to your home or office, all the while making your cigar smoking experience more gratifying.
Capacity for up to 75 corona cigars.
What we like
  • Impeccable glossy finish.

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Equipped with hygrometer:
Digital hygrometer
Included dividers:
Lock and key to close the humidor:
365 mm
225 mm
Inner length:
315 mm
Inner width:
180 mm
Inner height:
95 mm
4300 g
EAN code:
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