S.T.Dupont X.tend Maxijet double blade cutter chrome S.T.Dupont X.tend Maxijet double blade cutter chrome photo 2 S.T.Dupont X.tend Maxijet double blade cutter chrome photo 6 S.T.Dupont X.tend Maxijet double blade cutter chrome photo 8 S.T.Dupont X.tend Maxijet double blade cutter chrome photo 10
S.T.Dupont X.tend Maxijet double blade cutter chrome

S.T. Dupont X.tend Maxijet Cutter Chrome

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S.T. Dupont has been a leading source of luxury cigar accessories since the 1870s, and discerning cigar enthusiasts continue to find the joys of owning a Dupont product. Dupont’s MaxiJet range of lighters and accessories has especially found favor with cigar aficionados. If you are tired of dealing with the frustration of flimsy, dull-bladed cigar cutters, then it is time to discover Dupont’s dedication to quality and functionality.

The X.tend MaxiJet Cutter Chrome is a heavy-duty double guillotine cutter featuring a timeless chrome finish that gives you all the elegance you could want from a high-quality cutter, while also being equally at home in those more casual moments.

The cutter’s sleek ergonomic design and solid construction let you cut each of your cigars in comfort and confidence. Thin yet super-sharp blades comprise the double-cutting action with one blade removing the top leaf and the other slicing through the body of the cigar. The quick and precise cut minimizes the damage so prevalent in lesser cutters, letting you relax and enjoy your smokes with greater satisfaction. It only takes one easy motion to use the cutter thanks to Dupont’s clever spring-loaded system, which also keeps the blades locked in a closed position when not in use. Just press in on the blades to release, line up where you want to make your cut and press the blades back together. You will have a cleanly cut cigar and the blades will be back in their locked position ready for the next.

This exquisitely crafted cutter is a perfect match for Dupont’s MaxiJet lighter series and proves that you can, in fact, have it all. The S.T. Dupont X.tend MaxiJet Cutter delivers high-end cutting power and sophisticated styling that is sure to bring a smile to any discerning cigar lover's face.

EAN code:
Item ID:
S.T. Dupont
Cutter type:
Double blade cutter
Maximum size of cigar:
Material of blades:
Stainless steel
104 g
Dimensions (H x W x D):
11 mm x 57 mm x 71 mm
Made of:

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 07 Mar 2024

Everything perfect

 15 Feb 2023


 17 Mar 2022

Good product (although made in China)...

 17 May 2021

Very pleased, solid/heavy/well made.

 27 Aug 2013

Not suitable for larger CEPOS.

 15 Oct 2012

well done, solid, effective ... nice.

 22 Mar 2012

Perfect and beautiful.

 03 Feb 2012


 21 Aug 2011

very good quality and style.

 27 Jul 2011

Fantastic product, beautiful and perfect mechanic!

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 10 Jun 2021
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