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adorini Double Blade Cigar Cutter Black

4.3 (7 Ratings)

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Adorini’s Credit Card Cigar Cutter is a crowd-pleaser that is ideal for those wanting a cutter with a sleek design and robust cutting action. What better way to protect this popular double blade guillotine than with the Credit Card Cigar Cutter Leather Case.

Created especially for adorini’s Credit Card Cigar Cutter, this adorini-branded real leather case provides for a soft yet snug home for your cutter. The simple yet elegant design allows you to slide the cutter in or out with one quick and smooth motion. This ensures your cutter is well-protected from clanging around with keys, coins or other pocket companions while still making it easily accessible at a moment’s notice. The slim black case features solid construction and pleasing rounded corners, which combine to make for a reliable and stylish companion piece to your credit card-sized cutter.

If you are already enjoying adorini’s Credit Card Cigar Cutter or you are looking to treat yourself to one, this is a must-have accessory. There are no rules that say you can’t show off a bit in style while protecting your investment, so enhance your cigar cutting ritual today with adorini’s Credit Card Cigar Cutter Leather Case Black.

Cutter type:
Double blade cutter
Material of blades:
Surgical steel
Origin of blades:
Number of blades:
Stainless steel
EAN code:

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 4.3/5   (7 Ratings)
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