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Credo El Torcedor Cigar Repair Gel

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Credo is renowned for being a great source for cigar care products, with a broad range of humidifiers and accessories used by cigar lovers around the world. One of these items doesn’t just maintain cigars, but it also helps bring damaged cigars back to life. The Credo El Torcedor Cigar Repair Gel will repair cigars and, along the way, save you money and frustration.

Often a cigar’s wrapper leaf can become torn or simply loose, and this cigar repair gel helps to replace the leaf so that it won’t affect the quality of the smoke. This all-natural vegetable glue is formulated from a traditional recipe used by a torcedor (cigar roller) in Cuba’s cigar factories.

It is super easy to use with the bottle’s built-in applicator. Just spread the gel underneath the damaged leaf ever so gently. Lightly roll the leaf back into place and allow it to rest for five minutes or so. That’s it. You should once again have a fully intact cigar ready to be enjoyed.

Don’t throw away pricey cigars just because they appear to be damaged! Use Credo El Torcedor Cigar Repair Gel to give your cigars the proper TLC they deserve. That’s more cigars for you to savor, and that is a winning proposition.

Dimensions (H x W x D):
23 mm x 23 mm x 50 mm
Product weight:
20 g
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