Lamborghini Les Mans Cigar Cutter Black

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Lamborghini became a household name thanks to Ferruccio Lamborghini's iconic supercars that stretched the very limits of Italian design. The heir to that legacy, Antonio "Tonino" Lamborghini, is doing the same for the world of cigar accessories. One of the favorites from the Tonino Lamborghini line is the Le Mans cigar cutter.

With its crowd-pleasing black lacquer and chrome finish, the Lamborghini Le Mans Cigar Cutter Black offers the perfect blend of elegance, functionality and a splash of Italian confidence. A honeycomb pattern on the twin blades adds even more flair to the cutter.

The sharp stainless-steel blades are released from a locked position with just a press of a Lamborghini shield-shaped button. Line up any cigar of up to a 58-ring gauge and slide the guillotine closed with just a smooth and easy motion. The blades slice through the cigar for a clean and precise cut. That is all it takes to get your cigar smoking experience started.

Combining the legend of Lamborghini with an homage to the racing heritage of Le Mans, the Lamborghini Le Mans Cigar Cutter is an ideal choice for any discerning cigar aficionado, as well as cigar-loving car enthusiasts. Includes a black leather gift box with red trim.
EAN code: 4031872913057
Weight: 81 g
Brand: Lamborghini
Color: Black
Coating: None
Material of blades: Stainless steel
Item ID: 91305
Maximum size of cigar: 58
Blades: 2
Made of: Metal
Cutter type: Double blade cutter
Dimensions (H x W x D): 12 mm x 45 mm x 67 mm

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Overall rating Review rating 4.5/5
(3 Ratings)
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