Climatop Humidifier Large

Climatop Humidifier Large

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You spend a lot of time and money building a cigar collection, so you shouldn’t have to settle for less when it comes to keeping those cigars in mint condition. Each of your cigars deserves a little TLC to ensure it is being maintained at optimal humidity levels. Enter the Climatop Humidifier Large.

A sleek, compact design makes this humidifier a favorite that is ideal for humidors with a capacity of up to 200 cigars. The classic black color and rounded sides make for a handsome addition to your humidor, unlike the often-unsightly rectangular shape of other humidifiers.

The humidifier features acrylic polymer-based fleece, which offers the very best in humidity control. This material means your cigars will be in ideal shape, and you won’t have to worry about mold or unpleasant odors. The only thing you have to do is add distilled water as needed and enjoy your beautifully preserved cigars.

Optimized to keep your cigars at or near 72% humidity, the Climatop Humidifier Large will prove an invaluable tool when maintaining a larger sized cigar collection. Don’t run the risk of your cigars being kept in anything other than the ideal environment, add a Climatop to your humidor.

Interior sponge material:
Acryl polymer fleece
Desiged for humidors with capacity up to:
200 cigars
EAN code:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
70 mm x 200 mm x 15 mm

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